Perkin and Kipping's Organic chemistry by W. H Perkin

By W. H Perkin

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Lected, dried, the cyanide silver salt is dilute nitric is acid ; presence of halogen Org. if is. it does not dissolve completely established. B the, 18 COMPOSITION, PURIFICATION, AND ANALYSIS Sulphur and phosphorus may be detected by gradually adding the substance, in small quantities, to a fused mixture of potassium carbonate and nitre, heated on a piece of platinum foil; under these conditions the sulphur is oxidised to sul- The residue phuric acid, the phosphorus to phosphoric acid. dissolved in water, and the solution of potassium salts tested for the above-mentioned acids in the usual way.

34 found impossible, the fact might be taken as evidence against and the conclusion might be drawn this molecular formula, more probable molecular formula is C 3H 6 3 Most organic bases combine with hydrochloric acid that the . to form form double salts with chloride. These double salts platinic chloride and with auric usually have the composition B 2 ,H 2 PtCl 6 and B',HAuCl 4 where B' represents one molecule of a monacid base, such as salts which, like ammonium chloride, / , , methylamine, CH 5 N, ethylamine, &c.

42 volume (v) of the air in the graduated tube,* its temperature The volume (t) and the barometric pressure (B) being noted. of the air (in g) is not the same as that actually occupied by the hot vapour (in ab), because the displaced air has been Its cooled, and is measured under a different pressure. volume now is equal to that tvhich the given iveight of vapour would occupy under the same conditions of temperature and pressure. P. would be V * 273 273 * t E-iv 760 , * . w ^ ein g ,, *"* tension of aqueous vapour at The weight of an equal volume of (see foot-note, p.

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