Pauling's Legacy by Z.B. Maksić, W.J. Orville-Thomas

By Z.B. Maksić, W.J. Orville-Thomas

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Nuclear Magnetic Resonance: A Review of Chemical Literature: Vol 31 (Specialist Periodical Reports)

As a spectroscopic procedure, Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) has obvious mind-blowing progress during the last twenty years, either as a method and in its functions. this day the purposes of NMR span quite a lot of medical disciplines, from physics to biology to medication. each one quantity of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance contains a mixture of annual and biennial studies which jointly supply entire of the literature in this subject.

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This ebook used to be undertaken for the aim of bringing jointly the generally varied traces of experimental paintings and pondering which has been expressed yet has frequently been unheard at the identify query. it is going to be transparent to the reader serious point of view has been maintained in assembling the cloth of this quickly increasing quarter of outrage to natural chemists.

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In our recent work we have also taken a different approach [14-22] which is based on an effective, rather than explicit, separation of the CM motion. The separation is not done at the coordinate level but in the Hamiltonian. (1). This Hamiltonian can always be separated into the internal Hamiltonian, H ~ t , and the Hamiltonian representing the kinetic energy of the CM motion, TCM -- P'~'" 2M Htot - TCM + HiNt. (14) Due to this separation, the total wave function can always be represented as a product of the (~CM~I~t.

Rev. A 18 (1978) 2150. E . Deumens, L. Lathouwers, P. Van Leuven, and Y. O h m , Int. J . Quant. Chem. Symp. 18 (1984) 339. L. Lathouwers and P. Van Leuven, Int. J . Quant. Chem. Symp. 12 (1978) 371. L. Lathouwers and P. Van Leuven, Chem. Phys. Lett. 67 (1979) 436. E. Deumens, L. Lathouwers, and P. Van Leuven, Chem. Phys. Lett. 112 (1984) 341. 10. S. Aronowitz, Int. J . Quant. Chem. 14 (1978) 253. 1 1 . W. York, 1992. 12. P. Claverie and G. Jona-Lasinio, Phys. Rev. A 33 (1986) 2245. 13. F. Hund, Z.

999 : ] (30) amn B These functions, hereafter referred to simply as "r will serve as multi-parameter expansion functions for representing the variational non-adiabatic wave functions corresponding ,ij is a product of "disto the ground rotational states ( J - 0) 9 In Ck the term l-Ii

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