Other Roads: Alternate Outcomes of the Second World War by Alexander Rooksmoor

By Alexander Rooksmoor

‘Other Roads’, in 20 chapters, is a set of different results that can so simply have happened within the period of the second one international instead of the background we all know. It considers quite a lot of ‘what if?’ themes together with, between others, a Nazi victory within the battle, the implications of Winston Churchill’s demise in 1931, the japanese invasion being resisted effectively in China, the struggle among Germany and Czechoslovakia in 1938, a winning defence of Norway, Italy closing impartial, German invasions of Switzerland and Cyprus, the japanese invasion of India, and the imposition of the Morgenthau Plan resulting in the construction of 3 pastoral Germanies.

‘Other Roads’, the 1st of a trilogy, attracts on Alexander Rooksmoor’s 20 years learning and instructing heritage and analysing and debating counterfactuals. blending truth and well-informed hypothesis it appears at either the special alterations which can have happened in addition to a lot broader capability results. it is a ebook that may fascinate somebody with an curiosity in why a principal occasion of recent historical past opened up how it did. lovers of exchange historical past will locate ‘Other Roads’ a publication they can't positioned down and may be burning to argue approximately after they have entire interpreting it.

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