Organized Crime (Criminal Investigations) by Michael Benson

By Michael Benson

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There were several attempts to overthrow the Japanese government. After the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, however, Japanese priorities changed. Many members of Yakuza joined the army. After World War II the Americans occupying Japan tried to wipe out Yakuza, but their attempts were unsuccessful. The Americans had rationed food, and Yakuza went into the black market, selling illegal food. Yakuza became wealthy and powerful during this period, and Japan’s civil police, who were not allowed to carry weapons, were defenseless against them.

Gambino used theft and bribery to acquire truckloads of food stamps from the federal agency that printed them, then sold them to people who wanted more than their share of goods. Valachi said that he himself was clearing $150,000 a year just as a soldier in the operation. ” They asked him if they used the term Mafia. Valachi said, no. 3 Valachi was asked by a member of the Senate committee why there were so many Italian Americans in the rackets. LDon Carlo’s Words of Wisdom Carlo Gambino, who ran the Gambino crime family in New York City for many years, was born in Sicily in 1902.

The cops didn’t care. A hood is a hood is a hood as far as they were concerned. The victims were a suspected informant and a pool hustler killed in a robbery gone bad. The cases lay unsolved for years until new evidence was gathered. Concerned citizens spoke up about what they saw, and frightened hoods spoke up about what they knew. According to cops, the murders were the idea of young mobster wannabe Marat Krivoi, who ran a tough crew of thugs with an eye toward impressing his father-in-law, Russian mob don Boris Nayfeld.

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