Tom Clancy's Op-Center 04 Acts of War by Tom/Pieczenik, Steve/Rovin, Jeff Clancy

By Tom/Pieczenik, Steve/Rovin, Jeff Clancy

While Syrian terrorists assault a dam in Turkey to threaten the water offer and strength all-out conflict within the heart East, the hot on-line local Op-Center in Greece learns of the plan and launches a counterstrike.

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He moved it from side to side. "Okay," he said, and let the hand drop over the side of the car door. At that instant, Ibrahim and the passengers in the front two cars leaned out the windows, popped the tops on the palm-sized cylinders, and threw them at the booth. While the small guard reached for his pistol, the other opened fire through the thick, orange smoke. As he did, Walid threw his car into reverse, crashed through the gate, and rammed the booth. The outpost shook and the shooting stopped, but only for a moment.

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