Old Master Paintings in North America by John D. Morse

By John D. Morse

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Entrance x 28 V, Museum at Santa Maria della Carita, to the Grand Canal. 19'/2 x 29, 1720(Blarfer) The Grand Canal: Southwest. \9Vi x 28% (Blatter) Michigan DETROIT, The Washington SEATTLE, Seanle Art Museum Detroit Institute of Arts The Piazza of St. Mark. Venice. 29% x 46% Bacino di San Marco, Minnesota MINNEAPOLIS, The Minneapolis Institute of Arts Grand Canal from Palazzo Flangini to Palazzo Bemho. 24'A X 1730 Canada 36% Ontario National Gallery of Canada and the Clock Tower. Venice. 52 x 65 The Vegetable Market and San Giacometto di Rialto, 46% x 50%, OTTAWA, The Missouri KANSAS CITY, The Nelson Gallery and Atkins Museum The Clock Tower in the Piazza San Marco.

He was speaking of (San is version subject Like in Francisco, Detroit). In the in the French character that art historians have always found fascinating. It explains how Fragonard and Chardin could live and paint so differently in the same century: one so elegantly and the other so factually; one so grand and the other so simple. The grand manner and quiet realism have always existed side by side in French art, as Siegfried maintains they do in French character. In the seventeenth century Claude and Poussin were no more popular than Georges de la Tour and the brothers Le Nain dualism Attentive Nurse.

IS'A x U'/i, c. 1739 (Kress) Kitchen Maid. 18'/4 x 14%. 1738 (Kress) The House of Cards. 32% x 26, c. 1735 (Mellon) MUNCIE, 760 Minnesota MINNEAPOLIS, The Corcoran Gallery of Art ^Woinaii wilh Saucepan. IS'/zx 15 (Clark) The 1 8'/4 Columbia District of WASHINGTON Still Life 28'/2 x 45'/2, 6%x Still Life. A Boy Blowing Bubbles. 24 x 42'/2 24% North Carolina Art Gallery Carolina Museum of Art Kitchen Table with a Ray Fish. 15% x 12 RALEIGH, North Serinette. B. Speed Art Museum Triumph of Cupid. 10% x 24% LOUISVILLE, The CLEVELAND, The Cleveland Museum Still Maryland Life with Herrings.

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