Nurse Prescribing: Principles and Practice by Molly Courtenay, Michele Butler

By Molly Courtenay, Michele Butler

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At the iliac fossa the colon then curves at the sigmoid flexure as the sigmoid or pelvic colon. This then becomes the rectum from which the anus forms the exit from the large intestine. 2). However, the mucosa is not folded to form villi, as in the small intestine, and has a smooth absorptive surface composed mainly of columnar epithelial cells and mucus-secreting goblet cells. The muscularis externa or muscle layer does have an inner circular layer but lacks a continuous layer of longitudinal smooth muscle, unlike the rest of the tract.

The economic evaluation of the nurse prescribing pilot scheme was not definitive. The authors suggested that the cost and volume of prescriptions has been contained, and that actual time savings and qualitative benefits have been reported (Luker et al, 1997). Accountability and Nurse Prescribing Nurses, Midwives and Health Visitors are bound by the `Code of Professional Conduct' (UKCC, 1992). The aims of the code can be summarised as: The expectations that the UKCC has of its practitioners. A definition of their professional accountability.

The most common reactions are oxidations, catalysed by mixed function oxidase enzymes. Other phase I reactions include reduction and hydrolysis reactions. Phase II: Drugs or phase I metabolites which are not sufficiently polar for excretion by the kidneys are made more hydrophilic (`water-liking') by conjugation (synthetic) reactions with endogenous compounds provided by the liver. The resulting conjugates are then readily excreted by the kidneys. With some drugs, if given repeatedly, metabolism of the drug becomes more effective due to enzyme induction.

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