Nigeria: Its Petroleum Geology, Resources and Potential: by A.J. Whiteman

By A.J. Whiteman

At test is made the following to supply a complete The Basement "massifs" approximately delimit the most account in booklet type of the Petroleum Geology of sedimentary parts of the: Nigeria, a rustic which in 1979 used to be the world's 1. ABAKALIKI, BENUE, GONGOLA AND YOLA 6th biggest oil manufacturer and rated the 12th significant TROUGHS petroleum province of the area through Ivanhoe (1980) 2. BIDA OR center NIGER BASIN when it comes to recognized recoverable assets (cumulatIve three. SOKOTO EMBAYMENT OF THE IULLEM­ creation + confirmed + possible reserves) of oil and MEDEN BASIN four. BORNU-CHAD BASIN fuel. . five. DAHOMEY BASIN Nigeria, which has been an indepe. ndent sovereIgn nation due to the fact that 1960, faces the AtlantIc Ocean at the those basins and troughs, taken including the south, is bounded via the Peoples' Republic of Benin onshore a part of the Nigeria Delta advanced, occupy (ex-Dahomey) at the west, via the Republic of Niger approximately 178 000 sq. miles, part the complete zone of and through the Sahara at the north, the Republic of Chad Nigeria. determine three indicates the world of Nigeria in com­ at the northeast, and is bounded through the Umted Re­ parison to parts of different popular petroleum public of Cameroun at the east. It now comprises provinces and devices, similar to the Gulf. Coast of. the nineteen states prepared in a federation and, principally be­ usa, North Sea etc.

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Gravity data presented by Cratchley and Jones (1963) can be interpreted to indicate that thinned crust underlies parts of the Benue Trough (Whiteman 1973; Artsybashev and Kogbe 1975; and Adighije 1979). The uplifted area within the Late Cretaceous Benue Trough constituting the Benue Fold System was eroded and marginal sedimentary basins, such as the Anambra Basin, the Wasc-Gombe and the Wukari-Mutum Biya Basins developed on the flanks of the belt. Sediments in these basins are largely Late Cretaceous in age.

LocoIlties 1972 Figure 30. Locality maps, Odukpani Formation, Calabar area. Based on Reyment (1965), Dessauvagie (1972). monly current bedded and pebbly and plant remains are common. According to Reyment (1965) the rocks have been moderately to strongly folded along a roughly east-west axis with dips of up to 50°. Salt springs are common in the Mamfr Sandstone and periodic discharges of gas (non-inflammable) were reported by Wilson (1928). The sediments have been intruded by igneous rocks (Figure 9).

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