Nectar Gaze and Poison Breath: An Analysis and Translation by Aditya Malik

By Aditya Malik

This ebook deals an in depth research of the oral narrative of Shri Devnarayan besides the 1st English translation of this renowned Rajasthani people narrative. The narrative extolling the deeds of Lord Devnarayan is played via itinerant singers in the course of all evening vigils in entrance of a 9-meter lengthy, elaborately painted fabric scroll that depicts scenes and characters from the tale. Aditya Malik makes use of the narrative to discover and ask various cutting edge questions suitable to the research of Indian folks tradition and Hinduism as an entire: How is orality conceptualized and practiced? what's the dating among spoken and visible indicators? How do Devnarayan's devotees create a number of discourses pertaining to faith, group, and historical past inside and although the medium of the narrative? Malik's research means that the narrative presents a framework for developing linkages among diverse groups, prior and current, spoken be aware and visible photo, in addition to contending non secular ideologies. His interpretation is interspersed with excerpts from interviews with devotees and singers, different stories and texts, and observations from his box examine that jointly invoke the worlds created via the narrative.

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Creativity on the part of the second singer then lies in choosing from a range of given responsive modes. But the second singer’s response is not limited to repetition. He also may bring in his own text, which is either a commentary on the preceding line or an addition that propels the narrative forward. Examples of Repetition In the context of conversational discourse Tannen (1994: 54) distinguishes between different forms of repetition: First, one may distinguish self-repetition and allo-repetition (repetition of others).

The agenda of Tamil experts was a straightforward one: their language, and eo ipso their literature, were of divine origin, or divine substance and directed at a divine aim. If, as in Kersenboom’s study of the “Tamil text,” the very notion of text and its relationship to the actual world within the so-called alien cultural context of research diverges from the scholar’s own point of reference, would it not be necessary to set up an entirely different framework within which to ask questions? Would it not indeed be necessary to explore a whole new set of questions that may not tally with the researcher’s well-treaded paths of analysis and explanation?

Do these themes relate to the self-representations of the community of devotees of Devna¯ra¯yanfi ? ”11 However, in giving the narrative the label “epic”—even though it may approximate to the notion of an epic—we may in some respects be limiting both the meaning of the text and our approach to understanding its meaning. What other labels might be appropriate? For example, could it be termed a “caste pura¯nfi a”? 12 On the other hand one might ask whether it is at all appropriate to label it in terms of specific genres.

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