My Little Kitty by Joyee Flynn

By Joyee Flynn

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He growled, shaking in anger. ” I answered, shaking my head. “This is about you not giving us a chance and being my partner instead of treating me like I’m a child. And I’m older than you, to top it all off. You won’t even try to move on from Jeff, and I won’t be the one you turn to when you’re just horny. You can’t get your physical needs met with me and your emotional ones with him. ” 42 Joyee Flynn “I don’t treat you like a child,” he replied, but I held up my hand. “You’re not listening to me, and I’m done,” I said as I pointed to the door.

Jasper licked my lips, and I moaned as I opened up for him. The feeling of his tongue sliding over mine just about had me coming in my pants. ” a man asked, clearing his throat. “Sorry, we were just excited to find our new bed for our new home,” Jasper chuckled as we pulled apart. He moved us so we could face the salesman, pulling me back against his chest. I felt safe and wanted as he wrapped his arms around me. “We want this exact bed. ” he asked, scrunching his eyebrows together. I nodded before smiling up at Jasper, who was doing the same.

My Little Kitty 41 “Here’s the part you keep seeming to miss, Addison,” I yelled loudly, my arms flaying around me. “When you say I should be using this kind of toothpaste, or this toothbrush is better for me, it’s the same as saying what I’ve been using is wrong. It’s the same goddamn thing. You’re correcting me, telling me you know better than I do and that I’m wrong. Constantly. And the kicker of it all? Most of that shit is an opinion! It’s not a fact. ” “No, it’s a fact that pro-enamel toothpaste can—” he started to say, but I cut him off.

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