My First Pocket Guide to Nebraska by Carole Marsh

By Carole Marsh

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In 1854, Nebraska became an official territory. Many Indian tribes ceded their land to the Settlers going west government and more settlers would travel along the Oregon Trail moved there. With the which passed Homestead Act of 1862, through the Platte pioneers came to Nebraska. Valley in The promise of 160 acres Nebraska. (65 hectares) for farming was an attractive lure to the settlers. 39 Corn Give it Up for Corn! ) Corn 40 Nebraska’s chief crop is corn. Most of the corn raised is feed corn for the state’s livestock.

As time goes by, Nebraska’s population grows more diverse. This means that people of different races and from different cultures and ethnic backgrounds have moved to Nebraska. Immigrants In the past, many immigrants have come to Nebraska from Germany, Scandinavia, Ireland, and Czechoslovakia. More recently, people have migrated to Nebraska from Hispanic countries such as Mexico. Only a certain number of immigrants are allowed to move to America each year. S. citizens. 47 Disasters & Catastrophes!

S. Rear Admiral Karen A. S. Naval Reserve. 50 Wars Fight! Fight! Fight! Wars that impacted Nebraska include: ● French and Indian War ● Civil War ● Spanish-American War ● World War I ● World War II ● Korean War ● Vietnam War Wars ● Persian Gulf War 51 Ears to you! Cornhuskers! Ears to you! Cornhuskers! 52 The start of football season causes Nebraska to cheer on their favorite team, the University of Nebraska Cornhuskers! ” The Cornhuskers have been fantastic in college football over the years. They have finished as one of the top ten teams in the nation repeatedly.

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