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On beaches they push forward and fall back. But what makes ocean water into waves? Most waves are created by the wind. The wind blows along the surface of the water and forces waves in the same direction. ” is another word for When waves roll through the open ocean, they’re called a) surf. ” As they reach the shore, their crests get higher and b) trough. closer together and finally topple over. Then they’re called c) crest. ” A gentle wind makes long waves that don’t rise very high. But stronger winds push harder on the water and create taller waves.

They U O Y ID D ike la r out namis str ★ When tsu ll the wate rst suck a fi y ll ra e n ge rbors. of any ha 51 Answer: c) high winds The Biggest s e b u C e c I I cebergs are simply broken-off pieces of glaciers or polar ice sheets that float out into the ocean. Very big pieces. Even little icebergs called “growlers” are as big as a bus. Big ones are longer than a freight train and as high as a skyscraper. One especially surprising thing about an iceberg is that the part you see above the water is only a small bit of the whole iceberg.

And desert areas at higher elevations sometimes receive extra rain to support plant life. In the Sahara people can live year-round in the oases because the water supply is permanent. The oases allow crops to be watered, and desert temperatures make crops grow quickly. The date palm is the main source of food. However, in its shade grow citrus fruits, figs, peaches, apricots, vegetables, and cereals such as wheat, barley, and millet. The Siwa Oasis in western Egypt has about 200 springs. It is a very fertile oasis, and thousands of date palms and olive trees grow there.

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