Mining and Selling Radium and Uranium by Roger F. Robison

By Roger F. Robison

Presented this is the tale of the mining and sale of uranium and radium ore via biographical vignettes, chemistry, physics, geology, geography, occupational overall healthiness, scientific usage, environmental security and business historical past. integrated are the folks and locations concerned over the process over ninety years of interconnected mining and sale of radium and uranium, ultimately finishing in 1991 with the abandonment of radium paint and scientific units, Soviet nuclear parity, and the Radiation publicity reimbursement Act.

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None crossed the Atlantic Ocean. Röntgen’s paper consisted of ten pages from the Proceedings, pages 132–141, and contained no illustrations, nor photographs. However, he included a sample of some of the nine X-ray photographs, which he had taken, in the mailing to at least ten prominent European physicists [17, 20, 24]. The most astounding image, which was not even mentioned in the article, was of Bertha Röntgen’s hand; the single-ring photograph. 4a). This image was among those sent out with the reprints to a select group: F.

English trans: Geiser U (2001)). html. Accessed 5 July 2014 11. Hueper WC (1942) Occupational tumors and allied diseases. Thomas, Springfield 12. Schuttmann W (1993) Schneeberg lung disease and uranium mining in the Saxon ore mountains. Am J Ind Med 23(2):355–68 13. Ziethen H (2005) Entdeckungsreise durch das Erzgebirge. Encyclopedia Britannica (2014) Bohemia. com/EBchecked/topic/71528/Bohemia. Accessed 20 Aug 2014 15. Agnew HL (2004) The Czechs and the lands of the Bohemian Crown. Hoover Press, Stanford 16.

The 1901 Swedish Nobel Prize Board believed that Alfred Nobel wanted to honor only the one scientist who was most distinguished, and they voted accordingly. However, the Norwegians in charge of selecting the Peace Prize laureate selected two winners in both 1901 and 1902. The Swedes then voted for two Physics laureates from 1902 to 1904. Literature got double winners in 1904 and MedicinePhysiology in 1906. Currently, up to three candidates can share an award [33]. 3). In 1900, at the request of the Bavarian government, Röntgen took over the new physical institute at the Luwig Maximilians University in Munich.

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