Mineral Matter and Ash in Coal by Karl S. Vorres

By Karl S. Vorres

content material: Chemistry of mineral subject and ash in coal : an outline / Karl S. Vorres --
Mineral topic in Illinois and different U.S. coals / Richard D. Harvey and Rodney R. Ruch --
Geologic controls at the inorganic composition of reduce Kittanning coal / Susan M. Rimmer and Alan Davis --
Semiquantitative decision of coal minerals through X-ray diffractometry / John J. Renton --
elements influencing significant, minor, and hint point diversifications in U.S. coals / Peter C. Lindahl and Robert B. Finkelman --
Elemental distribution and organization with inorganic and natural parts in North Dakota lignites / F.R. Karner, H.H. Schobert, S.K. Falcone, and S.A. Benson --
Volcanic ash layers in coal : starting place, distribution, composition, and importance / Don Triplehorn and Bruce Bohor --
Reactions and adjustments of coal mineral topic at increased temperatures / G.P. Huffman and F.E. Huggins --
Mineral adjustments in the course of ashing of chosen low-rank coals / S.K. Falcone and H.H. Schobert --
High-temperature interactions between minerals happening in coal / Donald L. Biggs and Curtis G. Lindsay --
Flame vitrification and sintering features of silicate ash / Erich Raask --
Viscosity of man-made coal ash slags / Karl S. Vorres, Sherman Greenberg, and Roger Poeppel --
Sulfur solubility in slags for cyclone coal combustors / David H. DeYoung --
Analyses of thermodynamic homes of molten slags / Milton Blander and Arthur D. Pelton --
Estimation of physicochemical houses of coal slags and ashes / K.C. generators --
Viscosity of fluxes for the continual casting of metal / W.L. McCauley and D. Apelian --
Rheological houses of molten Kilauea iki basalt containing suspended crystals / H.C. Weed, F.J. Ryerson, and A.J. Piwinskii --
Crystallization of coal ash melts / D.P. Kalmanovitch and J. Williamson --
warmth move and thermal conductivity of coal slags / K.C. turbines --
Solid-liquid-vapor interactions in alkali-rich coal slags / L.P. prepare dinner and J.W. Hastie --
Coal ash deposition in boilers / R.W. Borio and A.A. Levasseur --
Deposit constituent part separation and adhesion / Erich Raask --
Use of glass for modeling the deposition of coal ash in scorching cyclones / D.M. Mason, A. Rehmat, and K.C. Tsao --
Slag deposit initiation utilizing a drop-tube furnace / M.F. Abbott and L.G. Austin --
effect of segregated mineral subject in coal on slagging / Richard W. Bryers --
effect of thermal homes of wall deposits on functionality of pulverized gasoline fired boiler combustion chambers / W. Richter, R. Payne, and M.P. Heap --
Prediction of slagging and fouling trends of eu lignites via new statistical and experimental tools / Werner Altmann --
Mineral topic catalysis of coal conversion / Thomas D. Padrick and Barry Granoff --
Iron sulfide catalysis in coal liquefaction / P.A. Montano, Y.C. Lee, A. Yeye-Odu, and C.H. Chien --
impact of mineral topic at the expense of coal char combustion / John H. Pohl --
habit of mineral topic in the course of coal beneficiation / Harold L. Lovell --
Mineral subject research : a method to enhance bituminous coal beneficiation / Richard B. Muter and William F. Lawrence --
research of ash-forming mineral topic in uncooked and supercleaned coals via computerized picture analysis-scanning electron microscopy / Warren E. Straszheim, Jay G. Yousling, and R. Markuszewski --
habit of quartz, kaolinite, and pyrite in the course of alkaline leaching of coal / C.-W. Fan, R. Markuszewski, and T.D. Wheelock --
Separation of mineral topic from Pittsburgh coal by way of rainy milling / Douglas V. Keller, Jr. --
Decomposition of pyrite in a coal matrix in the course of the pyrolysis of coal / I. Stewart, S.G. Whiteway, P.J. Cleyle, and W.F. Caley --
Carbon dioxide/water for coal beneficiation / R. Sapienza, T. Butcher, W. Slegeir, and F. Healy --
influence of caustic and microwave therapy on clay minerals linked to coal / C.K. Richardson, R. Markuszewski, K.S. Durham, and D.D. Bluhm.

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The v a r i a t i o n o f t h e m i n e r a l s i s d i s t i n c t l y c o r r e l a t e d along the t r a v e r s e (Figure 6 ) . E x c l u d i n g the major shale p a r t i n g , the r a t i o of the maximum/minimum c o n c e n t r a t i o n f o r d i f f e r e n t b e n c h e s a l o n g t h e traverse varies considerably. In g e n e r a l , t h e r a t i o v a r i e s f o r a s h f r o m 2 t o 5 and f o r S i f r o m 1 t o 4; b u t f o r p y r i t i c S and Fe i t v a r i e s f r o m 3 t o 1 5 , and f o r many t r a c e e l e m e n t s s u c h a s A s , Mo, V, U, and Z r i t v a r i e s up t o 20 o r m o r e .

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