Miguel de Cervantes’ Don Quixote by Joyce Milton

By Joyce Milton

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He just couldn’t get himself moving! The knight’s next series of adventures leave Sancho even more disgusted: First, Sancho and the Don see two dust clouds in the distance. Quixote is sure that they are caused by two armies, marching to battle. He spins a wild fantasy, making up a saga of the feud between two imaginary kingdoms. He can even envision the knights on both sides. One has a cat on his shield with the motto Meeow (Miau). Another knight has as his symbol the droopy asparagus plant. ) Carried away by his own fantasy, the Don rides off to join the battle.

One possible reason is that Don Quixote and Sancho are more fully drawn characters than Dorothea, Cardenio, and Ferdinand. Before leaving with Cardenio, Dorothea agrees to help the priest and the barber with their plan to trick Don Quixote into coming home. Back at the inn, the priest had disguised himself as a young maiden while the barber put on a false beard so that he could pretend to be the maiden’s servant. The men decide, however, that Dorothea will be better cast in the role of the damsel in distress.

The Don’s reasoning is a little different from these modern arguments. ) The author purposely makes Don Quixote look foolish by having him take a very extreme and naive position. But you may remember that Cervantes himself was thrown into jail more than once for crimes he did not commit. So perhaps he is in sympathy with Quixote’s ideas. What do you think? CHAPTERS 23-30 This section of the novel concerns Don Quixote’s adventures in the Sierra Morena, or Black Mountain. The Don and Sancho meet up with a strange hermit who acts like a wild man and lives on handouts from the local shepherds.

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