Metasomatic Textures in Granites: Evidence from Petrographic by Jiashu Rong, Fenggang Wang

By Jiashu Rong, Fenggang Wang

Based on enormous quantities of skinny sections from granite in China, this e-book introduces metasomatic textures and their formation mechanism in granite. It additionally proposes that metasomatic textures can primarily be labeled into styles: hetero-oriented substitute and co-oriented substitute, in accordance with the consistency of orientations of replacive and changed minerals. The hetero-oriented albitization of K-feldspar is sort of precise from the co-oriented albitization of K-feldspar. They happen individually with no transition, even though either are in most cases known as albitization of K-feldspar.This specific granite atlas makes use of a sequence of colour microphotos thinking about a quartz plate lower than crossed polars to obviously illustrate metasomatic mechanisms and superimposed metasomatic tactics. The origins of transparent albite rim, intergranular swapped albite, K-feldspathization, quartzification, muscovitization, beryllization, myrmekite, small platy albite, perthitic albite, K-feldspar megacryst and so on. are comprehensively mentioned and defined. The booklet will entice lecturers, researchers and scholars fascinated by igneous and metamorphic petrology.

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Both are of nibble albite replacement. The authors are much puzzled by the euhedral contour of the inner core (Fig. 28). The weak hetero-oriented albitization formed after K-feldspathization appears widely in hornblende quartz syenite (Yangjiang County, Guangdong Province and Hami County, Xinjiang Autonomous Region), while absents in more basic biotite pyroxene monzonite (Fig. 29). 1 Hetero-Oriented or Nibble Replacement Pattern 19 Fig. 31 (+). Replacive K-feldspars at grain boundaries among primary K-feldspars K1K2K3.

Evidently, the inside quartz takes the orientation as that of the outside one. Therefore, the quartz (Q1, Q3) outside K-feldspar can be inferred as primary, while the irregular curved quartz (Q1′, Q3′) inside the K-feldspar is of metasomatic. At the beginning of quartzification, the replacive quartz invades rapidly to the inner part of K-feldspar with its outside contour remained (Figs. 47). Obviously, during quartzification, K-feldspar with some fine albite lamellae is easily replaced and most perthitic albite lamellae would be retained.

The An value of the replacive albite is less than 1. 2 Co-oriented Replacement Pattern 45 Fig. 74 (+). Enlargement of Fig. 73. Co-oriented albitized albite (dark and light gray) is different from oligoclase (Ser) and K-feldspar K (black and gray plaid). Jiling granite Fig. 75 BSE-images. Irregular sharp boundary between K and K(Ab). K(Ab) contains more micropores and hematite Hm particles than in K. Jiling granite The senior author studied the optic indicatrix of two individual crystals of co-oriented chessboard albite twins by universal stage on the Wulff-net (Fig.

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