Metal dihydrogen and sigma -bond complexes by Gregory J. Kubas

By Gregory J. Kubas

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As will be discussed in Chapter 9, there is now evidence for this. Also, when bound to cationic electrophilic metal centers can be highly acidic and readily undergo direct heterolytic cleavage. 2. 1. * As in most discoveries, serendipity played a key role, but what must be noted emphatically here was our adherence to three classic scientific principles: keen observation, recognizing and exploring anomalies, and maintaining an open mind. ” As I noted in the Preface, my particular scientific background and the pure joy of chemical synthesis played major roles in the discovery.

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Neutral complexes normally contain a mixture of donor ligands, usually phosphines, with at least one ligand such as CO to moderate BD or strong trans-effect ligands such as hydride. 34 Å), more characteristic of dihydrides. Complexes containing only aquo, CO, or hydrocarbon ligands are known, although they have not been isolated as solids because of thermal instability. 33 34 Chapter 3 Several synthetic routes to complexes are available. The simplest method is reaction of gas with a coordinatively unsaturated complex such as the original method, as described in Chapter 2.

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