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Intel’s QuickSync is: A. A universal cloud-based synchronous play to compete with iCloud B. Hardware acceleration for faster synchronous backups of your data C. Hardware acceleration for GPU-based encoding in Sandy Bridge CPUs D. A new method to synchronize data across cores in the upcoming 22nm Ivy Bridge CPUs geek quiz 13. Microsoft developed a 3D graphics architecture in the late 1990s. This architecture was called: A. Talisman B. Lucifer C. Lightspeed D. Panorama 14. Both 4G technologies (3GPP LTE and Mobile WiMAX) rely on this to make efficient use of the available wireless spectrum: A.

Here are three other programs that can help others help themselves. LogMeIn: The free version of this remote-control app is more than enough to remotely help friends out with most PC problems. Jing: This free screencasting tool makes it easy and fast to capture and host how-to videos. There are limitations with the free version, but for informal sharing, it should be fine. YouTube: When in doubt, YouTube. You’ll find how-to videos for most everything on the video juggernaut. com SEP 2011 MAXIMUMPC 61 R&D DUAL-BOOT INTO THE SPEEDY JOLI OS Having your computer run Windows 7 is great.

Bounce flash 32. In audio terms, “three-way” typically describes: A. A ménage a trois in your home theater B. A speaker design consisting of a tweeter, a midrange, and a woofer C. A binding post capable of accepting bare wire, a banana plug, or a spade lug D. Either B or C 35. As of June 2011, which of the following software is open source? A. Android Honeycomb B. Mozilla Firefox C. Red Hat Linux D. Internet Explorer 36. S. keyboard, which number key is used to enter the ^ character? A. 1 B. 4 C.

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