Manual of Osteopathic Technique by Alan Stoddard

By Alan Stoddard

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54), p. 85: BASNAJIAN, J. , and BENTZON, J. , January, t954), p. 662. I ) I A GN O S T I C P R OCEDURE : I N S P ECTION 39 because each leg can take the whole of the body weight at any time. As body weight is transmitted from one foot to the other, elaborate muscular co-ordination and balance must be performed to maintain equilibrium. By shifting body weight almost entirely on to one leg and resting on the ilio-tibial band in the manner of the mannequin, the pelvis is allowed to drop on the other side so that weight distribution is completely altered, a lateral curve is created in the lumbar spine to the opposite side from the weight-bearing leg and a compensating convexity to the same side higher up in the spine.

It is necessary to hold the pelvis stationary, otherwise it is difficult to see if rotation is rree or not. Finally, ask the patient to bend backwards, noting limitation and increased pain. D I A G NOSTIC P RoceD U R E : M O B I L I TY TESTS 41 It is useful to record an approximate percentage range of movement in the case notes, realizing it is essentially an approximation only and its main use is comparison for future reference. Each movement may be recorded separately and, of course, it is a more valuable record, but a comprehensive approximate figure can be made for general spinal move­ ments and this may be sufficient in some cases.

All the above are demonstrable radiologically except tbe intervertebral disc lesion. As this is sucb an important subject and as there are special osteopathic techniques appertaining, a separate chapter is devoted to this. c 34 D I A G N OS I S O F S P I N A L L E S I O N (6) Psychogenic backache. This hardly needs a separate heading. It ought to be in very small print because the incidence of psychosomatic backache is very small indeed. It is customary in medical practice to say a condition is 'functional' when no organic basis can be found for the symp­ toms complained of.

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