Manual of Mineral Science, 22nd Edition (Manual of by Cornelis Klein

By Cornelis Klein

Comprises good praised Mineralogy Tutorials 2.0 CD-ROM.
* Icons seem within the publication the place the CD-ROM is suitable for exploration.
* All references were thoroughly up-to-date.

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A number of geochemical anomalies indicating the occurrence of nickel, copper, chromium and cobalt have been detected in the region of Goumpare, east of Parakou. Limestone is found in the Oueme District in the south, with reserves estimated at 123 million tons of limestone suitable for manufacturing of cement and lime, and 33 million tons of sandy limestone suitable for the use as ballast. 43 2°E 4°E Benin NIGER N 12°N 12°N E W BURKINA FASO S 50 0 50 100 km NIGERIA 10°N 10°N 4°E Parakou CENOZOIC Mostly alluvial sediments Recent Neogene PROTEROZOIC Metasediments, metavolcanics, of the Togo group TOGO 8°N 8°N Shales, sandstones, dolomites, limestones, tillites of the Buem Group Sediments of the Voltaian Group Neoproterozoic PROTEROZOIC, UNDIFFERENTIATED Granites Volcano-sedimentary formations Quartzites with kyanite Basic to ultrabasic formations Porto Novo Schists, gneisses, migmatites, amphibolites Cotonou 6°N 6°N ATLANTIC OCEAN STRUCTURES Strike slip fault 2°E Thrust fault Fig.

Garica de Orta Sér. Géol. 6, 15-30; Lisboa. l. & Scrosso, I. (2004): The tectono-sedimentary evolution of the Kwanza Basin (Angola). - 20th Colloquium Africa Geology, Abstr. , 143; Orleans. Knoche, G. (1982): Angola – Rohstoffwissenschaftlicher Länderbericht 27, 1-84; Hannover. , Ewins, N. P. & Pacavira, N. Africa Geoscience Review 8 (1/2), 17/27; Paris. Porada, H. - In: H. Martin & F. W. ), Intracontinental fold belts, 503-542; Springer, Berlin. 620 km² Population: 6,396,000 (July 2000 estimate) 2 Summary of Geology The geology of Benin is comprised of two different domains, separated by a line almost parallel to the 7th latitude.

I-XIX, 1-568; The University of Chicago Press, Chicago, London. Boucot, A. J. Journal of African Earth Sciences 28 (1), 129-144; Oxford. Clifford, A. C. (1986): African oil - past, present and future. In: Future petroleum of the world, M. T. ), AAPG Mem. 40, 339-373. Kampunzu, A. B. & Popoff, M. - In: Magmatism in Extensional Structural Settings, The Phanerozoic African Plate, A. B. Kampunzu & R. T. ), 2-10; Springer-Verlag, Berlin, Heidelberg, New York, London, Paris, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Barcelona, Budapest.

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