Levitation: What It Is, How It Works, How to Do It (Mind, by Steve Richards

By Steve Richards

Levitation—is it attainable? Can people relatively go away the floor during the energy of the brain on my own? How can this outstanding defiance of gravitational strength be triggered at will?

These are a number of the questions responded during this startling publication that lays naked the occult meditational innovations during which the brain can raise the physique off the ground.

This booklet delivers the proof, the historical past, the controversies, the theories, and, primarily, the centuries previous secrets and techniques of levitation that experience remained within the arms of some adepts—until now.

It is a vital advisor for a person drawn to the facility of the brain, the legends of the East, Transcendental Meditation, the occult, and metaphysical practices.

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Levitation may be produced consciously or unconsciously,’ writes Madame Blavatsky in Isis Unveiled. The juggler determines beforehand that he will be levitated, for how long a time, and to what height; he regulates the occult forces accordingly. The fakir produces the same effect by the power of his will, and, except when in the ecstatic state, keeps control over his movements. So does the priest of Siam, when, in the sacred pagoda, he mounts fifty feet up into the air with taper in hand, and flits from idol to idol, lighting up the niches, self­supported, and stepping as confidently as though he were upon solid ground.

Advanced yogis are said to hear the sound of AUM psychically, which signifies to them that it underlies all Creation. The three sounds of AUM, the A, the U, and the M, together represent all the sounds that the human voice can make. ’7 It is every sound in nature, and birds and animals are said to understand it. I tried this last tradition out on my cat. Ordinarily she does not mind my mutterings and sputterings, but when I draw out the word AUM, softly but distinctly, she runs and hides under the bed.

This warping is caused by the presence of the planet in space. Empty space is not warped, but put something in it, and warping starts ipso facto. This warping is the kind of warping that would surround you or me if we were accelerating through space at the rate of thirty-two feet per second per second. And because of this warping we do accelerate through space at the rate of thirty-two feet per second per second. At least, we do if we are falling toward the ground. This means that at the surface of the earth, space has actually shrunk relative to several hundred feet above the ground, and time has slowed down.

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