Last Chancers (Warhammer 40,000 Novels: Imperial Guard) by Gav Thorpe

By Gav Thorpe

Omnibus of all 3 of the preferred final Chancers novels. Hardened legal Kage and his crew are given one final probability to redeem themselves - they have to move on a sequence of determined missions in the back of enemy traces, every one extra harmful than the final. final guy status is going unfastened.

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Sir,' Jorett attracts my attention with a terse whisper, jerking his head to one side. Looking over in that direction I see a mass of yellow alien eggs, little fleshy sacs about the size of your thumb. They stretch across the floor in a rough circle, spreading beyond the beam of the photolamp, tens of thousands of them. In the ruddy glare of the photolamps I can make out a larger, darker shape. It's about a metre tall, bloated atop dozens of spindly legs, sitting on a pile of eggs at the centre of the nest.

You didn't leave anyone behind, sir,' I point out. 'You are right, I did not,' he replies, watching the guardsmen plodding exhaustedly down the ramp. ' I suggest, watching his face for some betrayal of what he might be thinking, but there's nothing there at all. 'You are not,' he confirms, finally turning to look at me. ' I ask after a moment, wondering if I just need to ask, like he said with Loron and Lorii's history. 'None of them were good enough,' is all he says, looking straight at me and then turning to walk away.

Don't even think about arguing with me on this one,' I snap back. 'This ain't self-sacrifice crap, I just don't trust you not to get yourselves killed. ' Gav Thorpe «The Last Chancers» They exchange glances with each other, but when they see the determined look in my eye, I see them give up the fight. Thensson backs away, firing a final burst of fire down the tunnel, before hooking the strap of the flamer off his shoulder and leaning the weapon up against the wall. 'Soon as you run out of fuel or air, get inside,' he says fiercely, staring at me, daring me to contradict him.

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