Just in time geometry by Catherine V Jeremko

By Catherine V Jeremko

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Sometimes, the value of the variable is wanted, and other times the measure of a segment or angle is wanted. com. On the left sidebar, click on Geometry. There is a series of interactive lessons, followed by a short interactive quiz. org/2609/. Click to enter the site, and then click on Start the Lessons! to take the quiz. You may also want to reference the book Geometry Success in 20 Minutes a Day, published by LearningExpress. Team-LRN B U I LD I N G B LO C KS O F G E O M ETRY 35 PRACTICE QUIZ Following is additional practice on the basic geometric figures.

Note that choice d is not always true; the two angles can both measure 90°. 10. d. ∠1 and ∠5 are not supplementary. These angles are congruent, as they are corresponding angles. BENCHMARK QUIZ RESULTS If you answered 8–10 questions correctly, you have a solid understanding of angle pairs; you may not need to concentrate your efforts on this topic. Skim over the chapter, but take your time on the sections in which you need to be refreshed. It is suggested that you take the quiz at the end of this chapter to make sure that you can handle different problem situations.

Parallel is denoted by the symbol ʈ so in the preceding figure, ៭៮៬ AB ʈ ៭៮៬ CD RS. Segments and rays can also be parallel. Likewise, there are parand ៭៮៬ PQ ʈ ៭៮៬ allel planes. When two distinct parallel planes are pictured, the third dimension is introduced, and it becomes more difficult to envision and depict on a page. Team-LRN 26 J U ST I N TI M E G E O M ETRY In the rectangular solid above, there are several pairs of parallel planes, namely the top and bottom, the left and right, and the front and back planes.

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