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Hathi said he had no ____________________ with the villagers. _____ 12. Buldeo the hunter was ____________________ Mowgli. _____ 13. Mowgli sent Bagheera to get Hathi and his ____________________. com 29 THE JUNGLE BOOK • Chapter 17 7 WORDS AND MEANINGS NAME DATE A. Use the clues to complete the crossword puzzle. ACROSS 1. a beautiful green gem 4. a substance that causes injury, illness, or death 4 P 5. a storage room for keeping valuables safe 7. a long, pointed tooth 7 9. to originate or produce F 11.

A path or walkway L 5 6. a special gift or favor R 7 6 8. a partner; a spouse B V 9. an official rule 10. safety from harm 8 M DOWN 2. a very small living place 9 L 3. just after sunset; before it is dark 5. to think of again; to recall 10 P 7. an exploding mountain B. Complete each sentence with an answer from the crossword puzzle. 1. Between ____________________ and morning, Mowgli would run 40 or 50 miles. 2. The village was at the end of the ____________________. 3. Messua told Mowgli that he must give her young child the ____________________ of the jungle.

Make a diorama depicting one of the important scenes in the story. 4. Ask a librarian to help you find a recipe for a dish that was popular at the time depicted in the story. Make it for the class. 5. Make a chart showing “then and now” comparisons between the story’s location and people at the time the novel is set and as it is today. 6. Use a cassette recorder to make an audiotape of any two chapters of the novel. com 41 28 SADDLEBACK CLASSICS PLOT STUDY: _____________________________________________________ (TITLE OF NOVEL) NAME DATE Five elements make up a plot: characters, setting, conflict, climax, and conclusion.

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