Introduction to esoteric astrology by Bepin Behari

By Bepin Behari

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In this illustration, Sun (male) and Moon (female) standing separately at the lowest level are next shown together in a vesselwith the serpentsof the caduceushaving their headspointing in opposite directions. On the same level, Jupiter and Venus are shown discharging some functions of their own. Subsequently, the duality of male and female is transformed into a single kingly figure of the individual with caduceus with the serpents with united heads in his hand, while Saturn and Mars have beenoperating at that level.

The duality or the polarisation between the positive and the negative forms of energiescommonly known asPurusha and Prakriti is the cosmic beginning. The sign refers to this aspectof the Manifestation. Gemini is said to be the first androgyne, the ardhanareesvara or the bisexual Sephira-Adam Kadmon . If the course of development is followed further, one fmds that the signs become gradually more and more complicated. Indeed, the process of manifestation is the processof becoming many from the Absolute One.

It is under the influence of this sign of the zodiac that unity between the inner man and the outer Cosmic Man begins to be established. Aquarius representsthe pitcher form which water flows out. Pitcher is the upadhi--the vehicle of consciousness,andthe water is Mool Prakriti, the Primordial Substance,of which everything is made. It is that state of consciousnesswhere the activity of consciousness is not limited by the form of the upadhi, or the organism of life through which consciousness is l"fsually expressed.

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