Inside Consumption by David G. Mick

By David G. Mick

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Studies in the Economics of Transportation

There are specified complexities linked to the industrial valuation of clever Transportation platforms (ITS) and telematics. conventional tools of quantitative research is probably not applicable in safely and reliably assessing the industrial affects of those applied sciences. even though complex transportation and similar applied sciences are being deliberate and deployed at an more and more fast velocity, a number of the applied sciences are nonetheless quite new, and their use will not be common.

Principles of Financial Economics

This ebook introduces graduate scholars in economics to the subfield of economic economics. It stresses the hyperlink among monetary economics and equilibrium conception, devoting much less cognizance to only monetary subject matters reminiscent of valuation of derivatives. considering scholars frequently locate this hyperlink difficult to know, the remedy goals to make the relationship specific and transparent in each one level of the exposition.

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If the extensiveness of search is defined in terms of sheer amount of information searched or amount of effort devoted to searching, there should be no systematic difference between promotion and prevention. , Beatty and Smith 1987; Brucks 1985). 1). Although this proposition remains to be tested, indirect support for this prediction comes from the finding that, in persuasion settings, activation of promotion and prevention produces similar depths of processing (Avnet and Pham 2004; Pham and Avnet 2004).

We also propose that promotion and prevention Promotion and prevention 23 may also be activated endogenously by the alternative being evaluated (Zhou and Pham 2004). 5. Sensitivity to evaluative content A variety of findings indicate the existence of a basic matching principle in how target objects are evaluated under different regulatory foci. Attribute information seems to carry a greater weight on how the option is evaluated when the content of this information is compatible with the person’s regulatory focus than when it is incompatible.

Among promotion focus participants, arm-flexion pressure increased as they moved closer to the last anagram, signaling increased eagerness as participants approached goal completion. Among prevention focus participants, it was arm-extension pressure that increased, signaling increased vigilance as participants approached goal completion. Thus, both promotion and prevention participants became more motivated as they approached the desired end-state, but they differed in the strategic orientation of their motivation (eagerness versus vigilance).

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