Infrared Transmission Spectra of Carbonate Minerals by G. C. Jones, B. Jackson (auth.)

By G. C. Jones, B. Jackson (auth.)

The chosen spectra offered during this quantity are an affidavit to the variety of mineral carbonates. Their compositional style embraces the various chemical components and is elevated by way of the common presence of good answer among participants. They take place in the entire vast different types of rock kinds: igneous, metamorphic, metasomatic and sedimentary; and they're usually linked to vital ores and infrequent aspect deposits. Carbonates will not be in simple terms of value within the geological area, but additionally in and fabrics technological know-how. actual id of the compounds is, hence, very important for a formal knowing of any carbonate bearing method. the advance of Fourier remodel infrared spectrometry has been for a few years on the level the place the purchase of spectra is comparatively uncomplicated, fast and with sturdy answer. For identifi- tion, the tactic is low-cost and will offer additional info at the nature of the chemical bonding. it truly is quite suited for carbonates due to its skill to discriminate essentially among different individuals. it truly is visible that for you to produce a wide set of definitive spectra, a resource of we- characterised minerals is needed, however the situation of this sort of resource isn't unavoidably so visible. Our museums - The normal historical past Museum in London and the nationwide Museums of Scotland in Edinburgh - have joined forces to supply this kind of resource, utilizing their popular mineral collections and authenticating each one mineral by means of smooth complicated tools of research and identifi- tion.

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1076 1391 1773 1498 1451 1411 2362 2334 2487 2858 2925 [3431] 861 P6immc Hexagonal Eitelite 3. T. Y. (1974) Burbankitefrom Mont St Hilaire, Quebec. 342-345. 2. , PaulusH. R. NeuesJahrbuchfUrMineralogie. 161-170. 1. Ginderow D. (1989) Structureof Na3M 3(C03)s (M=rare earth,Ca,Na,Sr)relatedto burbankite. 185-187. (in Frenchwith English summary). References: Comparethe spectrumwith that of the chemically similar carbocernaite. Specimen: Source: Spectrum ref. : Sample medium: XRD: Composition: Formula: Chemical class: Chemical type: BURBANKITE 466 303 Peak Table cm-1 i II o ILl C\I C\I o o ILl o o o ~ en ffiOJ ~ o o ILl ::J Z UJ > « 3: I Cl UJ en en UJ a: Q..

839-853. l. References: [3434] 2927 2858 2502 2342 1825 1760 1449 1089 868 842 763 736? 731 722? 612 366 275 Hexagonal Bastnasite P62c Forms a serieswith hydroxyl-bastnasite-(Ce). IR2958 is an exampleof one of the least (OH)-bearingbastnasitespecimensstudied, seebastnasite-(La) for an (OH)-bearingexample. Notes (AB) (X03) Zq Formula: Chemical class: Chemical type : (Ce,La)(C03)F Anhydrouscarbonatewith hydroxyl or halogen BASTNASITE-(Ce) Peak Table em- t Ii C) ~ ru ru C) o C) ru C) ru 38NV1II~SNV~1 % BM 1946,81 Brown massivewith cerite and allanite Nya Bastnas,Riddarhyttan,Vastmanland,Sweden.

H. & Kerr P. F. (1963) Infrared spectra,symmetry and structurerelationsof somecarbonateminerals. 839-853. 1. N. P. (1966) Investigationof rare-earthcarbonatesby infra-red spectroscopy. 71-578. 444-451. References: 728 720 842 789 749 2500 1822 1760 1443 1087 880 868 2582 3440 2842 3494 3581 3747 3608 Hexagonal Bastnasite P62c Forms a serieswith hydroxyl-bastnasite. The spectrumshows some(OH) substitutionand differs in the region 900-700em'! when comparedto the nearly (OH)-free bastnasite-(Ce)IR2958.

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