Increasing a sense of community in the military: the role of by Colette Van Laar, National Defense Research Institute

By Colette Van Laar, National Defense Research Institute (U.S.), United States. Dept. of Defense. Office of the Secretary of Defense

A universally authorised definition of what a feeling of group is is still elusive, yet policymakers agree that expanding that feel has tangible merits for the U.S. army in advancements to dedication, functionality, retention, and readiness. This record examines the position of the protection Department's group of workers help courses and specializes in 9 instruments for expanding feel of neighborhood: staff symbols, rewards and honors, universal exterior hazard, making army club beautiful, staff dimension and individuality, own impression, own funding, touch and proximity, and workforce actions. The document additionally analyzes which teams might such a lot make the most of courses to extend a feeling of group and the way to prevent pitfalls whilst trying to raise that experience.

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While organizational identification and commitment can be useful to the military organization, there is some danger that members might identify with groups or subgroups not necessarily aligned with the overall goals and objectives of the organization. For example, Army infantry sergeants may have common work experiences and share a common group identity. On one level, this might be useful to the Army, because the sergeants can network with one another to solve common problems. The Army is also served, however, by having infantry sergeants who recognize their role in the broader Army and are willing to allow the organizational objectives to override those of the group.

57). 5, but several caveats are in order. First, as discussed above, the direction of causation is suspect here. Military members who plan on staying in the military may have a stronger identification with the military because they focus more on their jobs or military activities than members who plan to leave the military for a civilian job in a few years. Second, "identification" may not be very malleable to military policies or practices. 5 Identity Influences Outcomes Through Group Behavior Page 21 workplace factors (such as frequency of moves, unit mission, and location).

12 How Does a Sense of Community Lead to Increases in Commitment, Performance, Retention, and Readiness? 1 Overview of Factors That Increase Sense of Community 24 Page xi Summary Background and Purpose The Department of Defense maintains a wide variety of personnel support programs at considerable cost to meet the needs of military members and their families. These programs help maintain a high quality of life in the military services, and a high quality of life is viewed as important for readiness and retention reasons, among others.

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