InSAR Principles by Alessandro Ferretti, Andrea Monti-Guarnieri, Claudio Prati,

By Alessandro Ferretti, Andrea Monti-Guarnieri, Claudio Prati, Fabio Rocca

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Another solution (L 0) is that of minimising the total length of the mismatches (Figure 3-10). We suppose that the phases are reliable and aliases arrive seldom, so that we look for the topography which minimises the instances in which alias is supposed to happen and therefore the WPD and the differences of the unwrapped phase differ. The discontinuity heights would appear rarely, but then they could be multiple of h a. Figure 3-10: Connecting residuals under the L0 norm. Left: a noisy phase field.

Atmospheric Phase Screen (APS) estimation is then carried out to spatially smooth the time high-pass filtered LPR data. To make it simple, we can for each pixel carry out a temporal smoothing using a triangular filter and remove the low pass component. However, seasonal effects can be removed from the data by using a band-pass filter. Phase residuals are then spatially filtered. After estimation and removal of all the APS superimposed on the data, we can finally estimate the motion of each pixel in the image and identify more PS’s.

The maximum height variation is 1281 m (from sea level to the top of the volcano). Seven Tandem interferograms were used, the baseline values ranging from 39 to 253 m. No a priori information was exploited during the processing. Figure 4-3: Mount Vesuvius: multi-image reflectivity map C-50 _____________________________ Multiple image combination for DEM generation and ground motion estimation Figure 4-4 shows the estimated topography after the first processing step. The blocks are still not unwrapped with respect to each other.

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