House Beautiful - 500 Favorite Paint Colors

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ParkRidge,NJ:Noyes Press. 1985 Ancient Byblos Reconsidered. Oxford:DE Publications. M. F 1898 Deshasheh. London:The Egyptian ExplorationFund. Pettinato,G. 1981 The Archives of Ebla. GardenCity, NY: Doubleday. Piankoff,A. 1968 The Pyramidof Unas. Bollingen SeriesXL:Volume5, EgyptianReligious Textsand Representations. Princeton:PrincetonUniversity Press. , and Moss, L. Oxford:ClarendonPress. Oxford: ClarendonPress. Redford,D. 1981 The Acquisition of ForeignGoods & Services in the Old Kingdom. ScriptaMediterranea2: 5-16.

These were so small that it was impossible to get them on, and I had thereforeto content myself with slipping my stockings into a pair of red shoes, which only half covered them. My feet seemed alarmingly large and clumsy, and very likely to betray my real sex; but the Turkand servant said these would do. The next affairwas to drawover my pantaloons a pair of female inexpressibles,which, though of very spacious width, turned out, like the boots, to be too small, scarcely reaching down to the ankles, which stood out in strong development.

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