The Haunted Village by Adi-Kent Thomas Jeffrey, Lynda Elizabeth Jeffrey

By Adi-Kent Thomas Jeffrey, Lynda Elizabeth Jeffrey

The fascinating village of recent wish, Pennsylvania, and lots of of the encompassing river cities on each side of the Delaware, are humming with stressed spirits, shadowy figures & ghostly strength. Haunted Village & Valley (co-authored and released posthumously by way of the author's daughter, Lynda Elizabeth Jeffrey), is a compilation of precise paranormal incidents and real-life spooky experiencees that experience happened during this wealthy, colourful, ancient and eerie zone. Illustrated all through with gorgeous images and picture photographs, Haunted Village & Valley covers a variety of ghostly legends and haunting stories. For the 1st time ever, Jeffrey additionally supplies readers a glimpse of her personal supernatural encounters, with her special perspectives and theories bearing on the "what" and the "why" of ghosts. Do you think in ghosts? If Adi-Kent Thomas Jeffrey cannot persuade you... not anyone will.

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