Handbook of Vegetable Pests by John Capinera

By John Capinera

Backyard pests plague everybody who has ever raised greens, from yard gardener to specialist horticulturists, farm managers, and agrobusiness pros. the commercial affects of vegetable pests are huge, immense. to regulate and reduce the adversarial affects of pests, you will need to establish precisely which pests are afflicting plants. The Handbook of Vegetable Pests is meant to aid a person short of an easy-to-use, and but complete, survey of all pests more likely to be encountered in North the US. This Handbook offers thorough identity publications, descriptions of pest existence historical past, and pest administration techniques. The textual content is definitely illustrated with hundreds of thousands of easy-to-use line drawings, is cross-referenced to the pro and medical literature, and contains colour plates for ease of insect pest identity. each gardener, horticulturalist, farm supervisor, and plant technology expert must have this Handbook as a prepared table reference. Key positive aspects * identity publications checklist the main and minor pests of every crop relatives and supply distinguishing features for every pest * contains pest profiles that describe the looks, lifestyles background, and administration of varied pests * Over six hundred black and white line drawings and over a hundred colour photos to additional reduction in id * exact thesaurus supplied to aid with the definition of a few of the fewer identified phrases

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The antennae vary in appearance; in butter¯ies the tip is usually expanded to form a knob, whereas in moths the apical expansion is lacking. Adults also have long, tubular mouthparts that uncoil to collect nectar from ¯owers. This structure is not capable of piercing plant tissue. Lepidopterans undergo complete metamorphosis, possessing egg, larval, pupal and adult stages. The immature stage, or caterpillar, is cylindrical and bears three pairs of thoracic legs and 2±5 pairs of abdominal prolegs.

Some large insects can be observed readily and simply collected by hand, not necessitating any type of attractive device. Physical manipulations tend to be materialintensive, and sometimes labor-intensive, so their use is most common in high value crops or in small plots. 21 Insecticides. The most common approach to vegetable crop protection is to use insecticides. Most insecticides are derived from synthetic organic chemicals, though some are derived from naturally occurring minerals or plants.

Armyworms are so named 14 Handbook of Vegetable Pests because of their tendency to migrate in groups, but this is a transient property that is usually associated with high densities, and even some insects, called cutworms take on such migratory tendencies at times. Looper larvae bear only 3±4 pairs of abdominal prolegs, allowing them to arch their back as they crawl. Most larvae are leaf feeders or stem borers. Nearly 3000 species of noctuids occur in the United States and Canada. distinctive triangular appearance.

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