GURPS Cyberpunk: High-Tech Low-Life Roleplaying (GURPS: by Loyd Blankenship

By Loyd Blankenship

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But bionics won't heal naturally — they must be repaired or replaced. Unreliable -10%/-20% In a stress situation (combat or other situation as determined by the GM), this equipment will fail to operate for 1d minutes. The cost savings depends on how often the equipment fails: Savings Failure roll (3d) -10% 15 or higher -20% 13 or higher Thus, a character could get a $10,000 biomonitor for $9,000, but in combat if the player rolls a 15 or higher on three dice the biomonitor stops working for 1d minutes.

A spy, for instance, wouldn't have to sneak a camera in to get a copy of a document if he was chipped in this manner — he'd just have to look at it and download it to some other storage medium. The chip can be turned on and off; a 1-hour chip could last almost a month if used for only a minute or two per day. The chip can be sent to a computer via a datajack, or simply unplugged — the non-volatile RAM in the chip will hold the memories for up to one month before they discharge and decay. Once the chip is removed, the user has only “normal” memories of the time passed.

Increases by 50% per leg) since they are no longer limited by human frailties. The cyborg has 15 hit points instead of his normal HT (hits to limbs do not reduce these hit points, only those of the limbs), and a torso DR of 3. The modification costs $250,000 (and optionally, 120 character points), plus the cost of the limbs, eyes and ears chosen. This is a very advanced operation, and would likely be rare even in a world where single bionic limbs were common. 32 Weapon Mount $2,000 per pound of weapon claws cost $20 and are glued on — a strictly cosmetic modification popular with cyberpreps (see p.

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