General Chemistry - Textbook Only by Kenneth W. Whitten

By Kenneth W. Whitten

The hot version of this best-selling textual content is summarized through "classic textual content, glossy presentation." Its emphasis on basic abilities and ideas and obviously defined problem-solving concepts is still a power. The revision builds at the hugely praised variety and purposes to daily life that experience earned this article a name because the voice of authority ordinarily chemistry. * clarity, accuracy, comprehensiveness * powerful on fundamentals corresponding to drawing and examining Lewis constructions * nice variety of labored examples * precious problem-solving counsel * Molecular types. a lot of the paintings has been created utilizing up to date software program, so that it will increase the visible presentation. * Saunders CD-ROM move references within the margin. those direct the reader to precise sections within the most well-liked common chemistry CD-ROM out there. A separate correlation consultant linking this article to the CD-ROM is on the market. * Macro-micro paintings. This paintings exhibits molecules in an "exploded" layout which will aid comprehend molecular habit. * Stereoscopic paintings. Packaged with each one textual content is a stereoscopic viewer on the way to see a variety of molecules in 3D. See particularly Chapters eight, thirteen, 18, 25, 27, and 28. * significant revision of End-of-Chapter routines. greater than 50 percentage of the routines are new or up-to-date. The workouts characterize a superb type and proceed to problem the student's clutch of recommendations as well as ability development. Many new ones comprise environmental and commercial functions. a brand new kind of workout that's greatly praised is the Conceptual workout.

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This publication was once undertaken for the aim of bringing jointly the generally different strains of experimental paintings and pondering which has been expressed yet has frequently been unheard at the name query. it is going to be transparent to the reader severe standpoint has been maintained in assembling the fabric of this speedily increasing zone of shock to natural chemists.

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A) combustion; (b) freezing water; (c) melting ice; (d) boiling water; (e) condensing steam; (f ) burning paper. Which of the following illustrate the concept of potential energy and which illustrate kinetic energy? (a) a spinning gyroscope; (b) a rubber band stretched around a newspaper; (c) a frozen pint of ice cream; (d) a comet moving through space; (e) a basketball dropping through a net; (f ) the roof of a house. Which of the following illustrate the concept of potential energy and which illustrate kinetic energy?

This is true of nearly every known substance. Ice is slightly less dense than liquid water, so ice floats in water. 54 cm __ ? 6 g 1 in. ΂ 12 in. 4 lb/ft3 It would take a very strong person to lift a cubic foot of mercury! The specific gravity (Sp. ) of a substance is the ratio of its density to the density of water, both at the same temperature. Dsubstance Sp. Gr. 98°C, the temperature at which the density of water is greatest. 00 g/mL up to 25°C without introducing significant errors into our calculations.

Exercises Physical property See Properties. Potential energy Energy that matter possesses by virtue of its position, condition, or composition. Precision How closely repeated measurements of the same quantity agree with one another. Properties Characteristics that describe samples of matter. Chemical properties are exhibited as matter undergoes chemical changes. Physical properties are exhibited by matter with no changes in chemical composition. Scientific (natural) law A general statement based on the observed behavior of matter, to which no exceptions are known.

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