Fright Night - What Went Down (d20 System) by Brian Underhill

By Brian Underhill

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Properly fitting and using an ISP-60 requires a Scuba skill check at DC 5. of the crew broke into the weapons locker and stole one of the AKS-74s. Soon all six were distributed amongst the crew, and massive firefights broke out throughout the sub. The PCs may find an occasional empty assault carbine or an undead officer still carrying their Makarov, but for the most part, ammunition has been used up and is nowhere to be found. However, the occasional gun-wielding crewmember with a full load of ammo will prove an extremely deadly foe, and may give the PCs pause from time to time.

The command and control areas are aft, with the bridge, radio room, and chartroom situated three stories above the main deck. Storage and equipment lockers are located directly below the bridge, with crew quarters, the mess, the recreation room and briefing room taking up the bulk of the aft areas below the main deck. A full-sized decompression chamber is located amidships, below deck, and is accessible via a gangway from the main deck and hallways from the crew quarters. A docking hatch on top allows the bottom of the Erebus to mate up and transfer her crew directly into the chamber via the DSRV's docking airlock.

Exploring the Koloss (p. 47): An initial exploration reveals only basic clues - horrific deaths, etc. Finding a Cure (p. 52): While some of the rescuers work on a cure, others should be busy trying to stop Korkin (p. 50) or Sadkov (p. 51), repair the Erebus (p. 55), or find a way to destroy the Koloss. Restarting the Reactors (p. 49): The PCs should want to restore power quickly - it is really a necessity if they are to repair the Erebus and leave the doomed sub. This step is critical in moving the adventure forward since it leads to the reanimation of the dead crew.

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