Folklore of Wales by Anne Ross

By Anne Ross

Wales is a Celtic state and the Celts have continuously precious oral studying and recitation. certainly they've got a keenness for committing proof to reminiscence instead of hoping on the written note. This identify covers legends linked to place-names, calendar customs, giants and monster, omens and moment sight, and people therapeutic and natural remedies.


Folklore of Wales

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Time passed, and eventually the battle started. Terrible screams and desperate cries of the living, and the heart-rending groaning of those who were wounded and dying, combining with the clash of arms, destroyed the peace of the day, and as evening drew near the frenzy only increased. The sea alone was tranquil. Hardly a ripple disturbed the quiet surface of Cardigan Bay. Monks and friars went onto the battlefield as evening fell, to administer such aid and healing as could be given to those who were wounded, and comfort to the dying.

Belyn was with the family for several weeks. After he left, Eluned pined for him and her parents knew she had fallen in love with Belyn, son of Madoc. ’ Then he told his father about his love for Eluned and his father was in full agreement with his choice of bride. So Belyn, accompanied by a full retinue, went back to Harlech and asked Gwylim ap Hywel for his daughter’s hand in marriage. When he took his bride home to his father, all were amazed and delighted at her charm and beauty. Belyn now was deeply grateful to his father, who had ‘given him to Glendower’, for otherwise he would never have met his beautiful Eluned.

It grew dark and there was a magnificent display of heavenly bodies which sparkled like jewels in the clear, darkening sky. He began to feel quite fevered and was filled with a terrible restlessness. When he felt himself becoming sleepy he tried to keep awake, fearing the magical sleep which he had come all this way to experience, and believing that he was going mad. A thick darkness fell and he felt a terrible sense of suffocation and terror come over him, and he also felt desperately ill, wishing that he had never set out on this foolish adventure.

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