Folk Travelers: Ballads, Tales, and Talk (Publications of by Mody C. Boatright, Wilson M. Hudson, Allen Maxwell

By Mody C. Boatright, Wilson M. Hudson, Allen Maxwell

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In nature lore and especially in folklore about animals, our ancient kinship in mind and body with all animate nature is revealed; and the folk mind, wisely following the old trails here, refuses to ex- Page 22 change a sympathetic and therefore emotional for a purely intellectual apprehension of nature. We are conditioned from childhood to doubt folk tales about animals. As we grow up we find there was never such a bird as the roc, no such animal as the unicorn, no mermaids, no centaurs. " We naturally become incredulous.

He took a Page 16 swallow. His countenance beamed. As he drained the goblet, his whole frame seemed to take on vigor. " he exclaimedand made everybody feel good with his speech. I don't know where Henning Larsen, professor of English and Dean of the College of Arts at the University of Illinois, picked up his story, but this, more or less, is the way he tells it. After a cold day of travel and preaching, a Scotch minister went home with a hearty old farmer and his wife to spend the night. " No, the most he would take was a glass of hot milk.

On the way his train ran off a bridge, killing many of the passengers. The governor's secretary survived, however, and his first thought was the Page 13 governor's wife. As soon as telegraphic communications were established, he sent her this telegram: "Train wreck on L. and N. Railroad fatal to Governor Jackson of Mississippi. Two legs broken, two arms, one neck, one back, nine ribs. " An hour later more careful examination prompted the secretary to tone down his report. Accordingly he wired: "Train wreck on L.

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