Fine Needle Aspiration of Palpable Masses by Michael W. Stanley

By Michael W. Stanley

College of Arkansas, Little Rock. textual content for medical pathologists on acting superb needle aspiration (FNA). comprises strategies, strategies, scientific recommendations, sufferer interplay, and case reviews. colour and halftone photomicrographs. DNLM: Biopsy, Needle - equipment

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Preparation of Smears Prior to Staining Both methods of smear preparation are described next. Fixation of Smears Fixatives are applied to a smear as a spray or by immersion of the slide into a liquid. The liquid fixatives that have been used in cytopathology include 95 percent ethanol, 100 percent ethanol, sequential application of methanol and 44 Fine Needle Aspiration of Palpable Masses ethanol, 100 percent methanol, Saccomanno's fixative, combined methanol/ diethyl ether (Papanicolaou's fixative), acetone, 80 percent isopropyl alcohol, combined acetone/methanol, and Esposti's fixative (95% ethanol with 5% glacial acetic acid).

The spreader slide is retained in the dominant hand, while with the nondominant hand, the specimen slide is held vertically. 31). The procedure from this point on is very much like the one-step method described previously. 32). The tissue remaining on the distal end of the spreader sli le must now be recovered. 31. The spreader slide has been pulled away from the specimen slide and retained for later use. The specimen slide is held vertically, with its label pointing downward. The tissue particles are in a line at the middle of the slide, and much of the fluid now drains away toward the label end.

5 Rapid Papanicolaou staining method, Reagent Reagent 1. Tap water 1. Tap water 2. Gill's hematoxylin* 2. hematoxylin* 3. Gill's Tap water 3. Tap 4. Tap water water 4. water counterstaint 5. Tap Composite 5. Composite 6. Tap water counterstain"^ 6. Tap Tap water 7. water 7. water 8. Tap 100%ethanol 8. 100% ethanol 9. 100%ethanol 9. 100% 10. Xyleneethanol or substitute 10. 11. Xylene Xylene or or substitute substitute 11. Xylene or substitute 12. Coverslip 12. Coverslip applied to wet fixed cytology smears Time Time 5 to 10 dips 5 to 10 dips 30 seconds to 1 minute seconds to 1 minute 530dips 510dips seconds 10 seconds 30 seconds 30 seconds 10 dips 10 dips 10 dips 10 dips 10 dips 10 dips 10 dips 10 dips 5 dips 55 dips dips 5 dips Reagents: Commercial xylene substitutes may be used.

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