Filipino Philosophy: A Critical Bibliography, 1774-1997 by Rolando M. Gripaldo

By Rolando M. Gripaldo

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These are philosophically useful in identifying the criteria needed to establish a strengthened social, economic, and political society. ” As mentioned earlier, it is the presupposition of this bibliography that the reader has an open and broad mind, or should broaden one’s mind, so that one could have a holistic and panoramic viewpoint of any branch of philosophy. As such, one interprets the entry—no matter how descriptive or fragmented it may appear to be—to have a significant philosophical contribution to the given philosophical division.

I have heard a lot of husbands complaining about unequal financial sharing. Despite the effort of the husband to elevate the wife to equal or proportional financial footing in terms of the sharing of household expenses, the Filipino wife refuses to budge. Sound feminism should include this financial arrangement in the household. Or does it have to take a movement in the Philippines called masculinism, that is, the male movement to raise the female counterpart to his level in all areas, especially in financial sharing?

In the second place, one inquires about the approaches to 35 PREFATORY ESSAY ON THE FIRST EDITION FILIPINO PHILOSOPHY: A CRITICAL BIBLIOGRAPHY historical studies, the sources of historical facts, and the validation of these sources. One likewise asks if history has an end, or whether it recurs, and if it does recur, whether it is cyclical, spiral, circular, dialectical, or a combination. A much broader question seeks to know what history actually is, whether it is objective, or whether it has a meaning.

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