Evidence-Based Interventional Pain Medicine: According to by Jan Van Zundert, Jacob Patijn, Craig Hartrick, Arno

By Jan Van Zundert, Jacob Patijn, Craig Hartrick, Arno Lataster, Frank Huygen, Nagy Mekhail, Maarten van Kleef

Unrelieved continual discomfort is a world epidemic

persistent discomfort has been topic to a number of foreign projects in the course of the international overall healthiness association. Interventional ache drugs, using minimally invasive options to alleviate soreness, is the simplest strategy whilst easier measures corresponding to actual remedy or medicinal drugs fail. besides the fact that, those approaches could be linked to major chance and price. constructing uniformity in diagnostic standards and procedural functionality can lessen either morbidity and pointless tactics, and therefore healthcare charges.

whereas different texts clarify the best way to practice those methods, little concentration has been given to diagnostic issues: if and whilst those tactics could be played. Evidence-Based Interventional ache Medicine specializes in a stability among effectiveness and protection of interventional administration for particular diagnoses, throughout all parts of continual soreness together with:

  • Head, neck and shoulder painContent:
    Chapter 1 Trigeminal Neuralgia (pages 1–7): Maarten van Kleef, Wilco E. van Genderen, Samer Narouze, Turo J. Nurmikko, Jan Van Zundert, Jose W. Geurts and Nagy Mekhail
    Chapter 2 Cluster Headache (pages 8–13): Maarten van Kleef, Arno Lataster Lataster, Samer Narouze, Nagy Mekhail, Jose W. Geurts and Jan Van Zundert
    Chapter three power Idiopathic Facial soreness (pages 14–17): Paul Cornelissen, Maarten van Kleef, Nagy Mekhail, Miles Day and Jan Van Zundert
    Chapter four Cervical Radicular ache (pages 18–30): Jan Van Zundert, Marc Huntoon, Jacob Patijn, Arno Lataster, Nagy Mekhail and Maarten van Kleef
    Chapter five Cervical side discomfort (pages 31–39): Maarten van Eerd, Jacob Patijn, Arno Lataster, Richard W. Rosenquist, Maarten van Kleef, Nagy Mekhail and Jan Van Zundert
    Chapter 6 Cervicogenic Headache (pages 40–44): Hans van Suijlekom, Jan Van Zundert, Samer Narouze, Maarten van Kleef and Nagy Mekhail
    Chapter 7 Whiplash?Associated issues (pages 45–48): Hans van Suijlekom, Nagy Mekhail, Nileshkumar Patel, Jan Van Zundert, Maarten van Kleef and Jacob Patijn
    Chapter eight Occipital Neuralgia (pages 49–54): Pascal Vanelderen, Arno Lataster, Robert Levy, Nagy Mekhail, Maarten van Kleef and Jan Van Zundert
    Chapter nine Painful Shoulder proceedings (pages 55–61): Frank Huygen, Jacob Patijn, Olav Rohof, Arno Lataster, Nagy Mekhail, Maarten van Kleef and Jan Van Zundert
    Chapter 10 Thoracic discomfort (pages 62–70): Maarten van Kleef, Robert Jan Stolker, Arno Lataster, Jose W. Geurts, Honorio T. Benzon and Nagy Mekhail
    Chapter eleven Lumbosacral Radicular soreness (pages 71–86): Koen Van Boxem, Jianguo Cheng, Jacob Patijn, Maarten van Kleef, Arno Lataster, Nagy Mekhail and Jan Van Zundert
    Chapter 12 ache Originating from the Lumbar side Joints (pages 87–95): Maarten van Kleef, Pascal Vanelderen, Steven P. Cohen, Arno Lataster, Jan Van Zundert and Nagy Mekhail
    Chapter thirteen Sacroiliac Joint soreness (pages 96–102): Pascal Vanelderen, Karolina Szadek, Steven P. Cohen, Jan De Witte, Arno Lataster, Jacob Patijn, Nagy Mekhail, Maarten van Kleef and Jan Van Zundert
    Chapter 14 Coccygodynia (pages 103–106): Jacob Patijn, Markus Janssen, Salim Hayek, Nagy Mekhail, Jan Van Zundert and Maarten van Kleef
    Chapter 15 Discogenic Low again soreness (pages 107–122): Jan Willem Kallewaard, Michel A. M. B. Terheggen, Gerbrand J. Groen, Menno E. Sluijter, Richard Derby, Leonardo Kapural, Nagy Mekhail and Maarten van Kleef
    Chapter sixteen complicated local soreness Syndrome (pages 123–136): Frank van Eijs, Michael Stanton?Hicks, Jan Van Zundert, Catharina G. Faber, Timothy R. Lubenow, Nagy Mekhail, Maarten van Kleef and Frank Huygen
    Chapter 17 Herpes Zoster and Post?Herpetic Neuralgia (pages 137–144): Albert J. M. van Wijck, Mark Wallace, Nagy Mekhail and Maarten van Kleef
    Chapter 18 Painful Diabetic Polyneuropathy (pages 145–150): Wouter Pluijms, Frank Huygen, Jianguo Cheng, Nagy Mekhail, Maarten van Kleef, Jan Van Zundert and Robert van Dongen
    Chapter 19 Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (pages 151–154): Jacob Patijn, Ricardo Vallejo, Markus Janssen, Frank Huygen, Arno Lataster, Maarten van Kleef and Nagy Mekhail
    Chapter 20 Meralgia Paresthetica (pages 155–159): Jacob Patijn, Nagy Mekhail, Salim Hayek, Arno Lataster, Maarten van Kleef and Jan Van Zundert
    Chapter 21 Phantom ache (pages 160–167): Andre Wolff, Eric Vanduynhoven, Maarten van Kleef, Frank Huygen, Jason E. Pope and Nagy Mekhail
    Chapter 22 nerve-racking Plexus Lesion (pages 168–172): Robert van Dongen, Steven P. Cohen, Maarten van Kleef, Nagy Mekhail and Frank J. P. M. Huygen
    Chapter 23 ache in sufferers with melanoma (pages 173–190): Kris C. P. Vissers, Kees Besse, Michel Wagemans, Wouter Zuurmond, Maurice J. M. M. Giezeman, Arno Lataster, Nagy Mekhail, Allen W. Burton, Maarten van Kleef and Frank J. P. M. Huygen
    Chapter 24 persistent Refractory Angina Pectoris (pages 191–195): Maarten van Kleef, Peter Staats, Nagy Mekhail and Frank Huygen
    Chapter 25 Ischemic soreness within the Extremities and Raynaud's Phenomenon (pages 196–201): Jacques Devulder, Hans van Suijlekom, Robert Van Dongen, Sudhir Diwan, Nagy Mekhail, Maarten van Kleef and Frank J. P. M. Huygen
    Chapter 26 ache in continual Pancreatitis (pages 202–211): Martine Puylaert, Leonardo Kapural, Jan Van Zundert, Dirk Peek, Arno Lataster, Nagy Mekhail, Maarten van Kleef and Yolande C. A. Keulemans

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2003;17 :262–267. 9. Agostoni E, Frigerio R, Santoro P. Atypical facial pain: clinical considerations and differential diagnosis. Neurol Sci. 2005;26(suppl 2):s71–s74. 10. Ratner EJ, Person P, Kleinman DJ, et al. Jawbone cavities and trigeminal and atypical facial neuralgias. Oral Surg Oral Med Oral Pathol. 1979;48:3–20. 11. Kleef Mv G WEv, Narouze S, et al. 1. Trigeminal neuralgia. Pain Pract. 2009;9:252–259. 12. Sommer C. Patientenkarrieren, gesichtsschmerz und neuralgien. Schmerz. 2004;18:385–391.

Pain Pract. 2009;9:435–442. 1,2 In the classification of the International Association for the Study of Pain,3 cervical radicular pain is defined as pain perceived as arising in the upper limb caused by ectopic activation of nociceptive afferent fibers in a spinal nerve or its roots or other neuropathic mechanisms. 4 Cervical radicular pain must be distinguished from cervical radiculopathy. In the latter disorder there is an objective loss of sensory and/or motor function. Radicular pain and radiculopathy are not synonymous even though in the literature these terms are used inter-changeably.

It can be a complication of a neurosurgical procedure or neurodestructive nerve block in the treatment of trigeminal neuralgia. A de-afferentation pain then occurs in the area of the decreased sensibility. Central facial pain The International Association for the Study of Pain (IASP) has defined central facial pain as pain that is caused by a lesion or dysfunction in the central nervous system. Regarding facial pain, one may consider multiple sclerotic foci, syringomyelia and syringobulbia, and thalamic pain caused by a CVA, tumors, and others, as examples of central pain.

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