Ethnoarchaeological Investigations in Rural Anatolia (vol. by Turan Takaoglu

By Turan Takaoglu

Parker, Bradley J. - M. Bariş Uzel / The culture of Tandır Cooking in Southeastern Anatolia: An Ethnoarchaeological standpoint Derin, Zafer / Neolithic Shellfish collecting at Yeşilova: An Ethnoarchaeological View Kaplan, Davut / conventional Modes of Viticulture in Coastal Northwestern Anatolia Özdemir, Abdülkadir / An Experimental learn of Mat Impressions on Pot Bases From Chalcolithic Gülpınar (Smintheion) Takaoğlu, Turan / glossy website Surveys in Ethnoarchaeology: The Case of North-Western Anatolia

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The fact that the sea level of the Aegean started to rise from the beginning of Neolithic might have effected the situation at the site. 51 R efer enc e s Boessneck, J. ” Archäologischer Anzeiger, 332-337. Buitenhuis, H. ” In The Ilıpınar Excavations I. Rodenberg, pp. 151-156. Çakırlar, C. ” Arkeoloji Dergisi VII, Ege Üniversitesi Edebiyat Fakültesi Yayınları, pp. 41-50. Çilingiroğlu, A. and Ç. ” In Türkiye’de Neolitik Dönem, Yeni Kazılar, Yeni Bulgular, edited by M. Özdoğan and N. Başgelen. Istanbul: Arkeoloji ve Sanat Yayınları, pp.

2. Working tandır oven with protective shelter in the town if Bismil. 35 Fig. 3. Tandır bread adhering to the inside of a tandır oven during baking in the town is Bismil. Fig. 4. Woman displaying fresh tandır bread in the town of Bismil. 36 Fig. 5. View of Kenan Tepe looking north with the Tigris River in the foreground. Fig. 6. Tandır oven cores drying in the sun after production in the village of Çarıklı. 37 Fig. 7. Tandır cores drying in the sun. Fig. 8. Map of modern Turkey with an enlargement of the Upper Tigris River region showing the location of the study areas.

1-16. Başgelen. Istanbul: Arkeoloji ve Sanat Yayınları, pp. 377-384. ” Turkish Academy of Scienes Journal of Archaeology 10: 125-127. Derin, Z. and A. 2: 75-100 Duru, R. and G. Umurtak 2005 Höyücek. 1989 -1992 yılları Arasında Yapılan Kazıların Sonuçları. Ankara: Türk Tarih Kurumu. Erlandson, J. ” American Antiquity 53: 102–109. Karali, L. ” In The Neolithic Settlement at Ftelia, Mykonos, (A. Sampson), Rhodes: The University of the Aegean, pp. 201-220. Kayan, İ. ” Paleogeography, Paleoclimatology, Paleoecolpgy 68: 205-218.

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