Encyclopedia of Greco-Roman mythology by Mike Dixon-Kennedy

By Mike Dixon-Kennedy

Encyclopedia of Greco-Roman Mythology offers over 1,400 entire A–Z entries of the myths and legends of historical Greece and Rome. The entries are cross-referenced the place acceptable, and an in depth bibliography is equipped. Entries comprise Heracles and Alexander the good, and geographical positive factors akin to the islands of the Blessed and Dardanelles. An strange characteristic of this dictionary is the inclusion of astronomical facts, linking the myths and legends to the celestial gadgets named after them. different characters and occasions from comparable traditions—Greco-Egyptian, Roman-Celtic, and more—round out the volume.

Students of classical Greek and Roman traditions, librarians, and common readers will flip to this quantity repeatedly for authoritative details at the myths and legends of those historical cultures.

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Encyclopedia of Greco-Roman mythology

Encyclopedia of Greco-Roman Mythology offers over 1,400 finished A–Z entries of the myths and legends of historic Greece and Rome. The entries are cross-referenced the place acceptable, and an in depth bibliography is supplied. Entries contain Heracles and Alexander the good, and geographical good points reminiscent of the islands of the Blessed and Dardanelles.

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Without ambrosia a god became weakened, and any mortal who ate it became strong and immortal. Nectar, the wine of the gods, was drunk with it. Ammon Greco-Egyptian A variant of Amon that appears to have been a slight corruption used by the classical Greeks in an attempt to give the deity a more Greek complexion. In this form he was identified with Zeus, and Alexander the Great claimed him as his father, therefore being represented on coins wearing the ram’s horns that characterized the god. The Alexander Romance, however, says that Alexander the Great was the son of the last pharaoh, the wizard Nectanebo, who came to his mother in the depths of night wearing a long robe and the horns of a ram.

He married Alcmene, the daughter of Electryon, king of Tiryns and Mycenae, sending her home to Thebes to await him while Electryon sent Amphitryon to retrieve from Elis some cattle stolen by the Teleboae or Taphioi who lived on the Taphian Islands off Acarnania. The Taphioi or Taphians had also killed Alcmene’s brothers.

See also: Graces Aglauros Agathyrsans Roman According to Virgil’s Aeneid, a tribe living in Thrace. Greek 1. The wife of Cecrops. 2. The daughter of Cecrops. The infant Erichthonius was entrusted to her and her sisters. Agave Agraulos Greek Daughter of Cadmos, legendary founder and king of Thebes, and his wife, Harmonia, daughter of Ares and Aphrodite. She was the sister of Autonoë, Ino, Semele, Polydorus, and Illyrius and the mother of Pentheus. When Pentheus resisted Dionysos he was driven mad and, when caught spying on the orgiastic worship of the god, was torn to pieces by the Maenads, or Bacchae.

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