Emily Fox-Seton Being by Frances Hodgson Burnett

By Frances Hodgson Burnett

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When you come down to dinner you will look so—so new! I always think that to see a fair person suddenly for the first time all in black gives one a kind of delighted start—though start isn't the word, quite. " Lady Agatha put it on. Emily Fox-Seton came into her room to help to add the last touches to her beauty before she went down to dinner. She suggested that the fair hair should be dressed even higher and more lightly than usual, so that the silver butterfly should poise the more airily over the knot, with its quivering, outstretched wings.

I haven't any to spare. But I know they would be useful to her. " Lord Walderhurst inserted his monocle and gazed after the straight, well-set-up back of the disappearing Miss Fox-Seton. " 53 That night Lady Agatha repeated the amiability to Emily, whose grateful amazement really made her blush. "Lord Walderhurst knows Sir Bruce Norman," said Agatha. "Isn't it strange? He spoke of him to me to-day. " said Emily. " "Did he look as if he were enjoying himself? He was very agreeable. " "I have never seen him look as much pleased," answered Emily Fox-Seton.

She'll spoil the court all the same," said the marquis. "What clothes! " "I wish I had such clothes," answered Lady Maria, and she chuckled again. " 27 "She's got Louis Quinze heels," returned his Lordship. At all events, Emily Fox-Seton thought Miss Brooke seemed to intend to rather keep out of his way and to practise no delicate allurements. When her tennisplaying was at an end, she sauntered about the lawn and terraces with her companion, tilting her parasol prettily over her shoulder, so that it formed an entrancing background to her face and head.

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