Earth Blood 02 Deep Trek by James Axler, Laurence James

By James Axler, Laurence James

Returning to an Earth devastated by way of a perilous melanoma, the staff of the spaceship Aquila fit wits with a ruthless paramilitary crew out to manage the complete planet as they look for survivors of the catastrophe.

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45 slug booming out across the sandy wasteland. "We put them all down," she called, voice ragged, her tall figure loping toward Jim Hilton at the center of their defensive line. " "Yeah. But there might still be some living. Come with me. Rest of you cover us. " Kyle was blowing hard, as though he'd just run five miles across sand dunes. "Yeah," agreed Jeff. " "They just lost at least a third of their men. Maybe as much as two-thirds. They're hardly likely to rush us again, are they? " Nanci turned to Jim.

He asked himself. He stood up, stretching, hardly aware now of the thirty-five ounces of revolver on his right hip. It was a GPF-555 Ruger Blackhawk Hunter. 44 caliber, full-metal jacket. Blued steel with cushioned grips and walnut inserts. Jim had already lost certain count of how many people he'd killed with the gun. Out of the open door he saw his daughter, walking slowly and wearily toward him, dragging her feet through the red-gold dust. Behind him he heard the sound of a squeal of shock or pain, quickly muffled.

Could be a pair of Dirty Harrys. The Mark 10s? Sure, they got plenty of power. But attacking from the ground to a chopper is much like shooting fish in a barrel. " The crackling grew louder as the Chinook came lower, close enough for them all to feel the dusty downdraft from the twin blades. Sly covered his eyes and cried out in alarm, but Steve put his arm around the boy, reassuring him. The spotlight was cutting toward them, faltering over the buildings at the top of the hill by the old mine workings.

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