Dusk by Tim Lebbon

By Tim Lebbon

Kosar the thief senses that Rafe Baburn is not any usual boy. After witnessing a madman plunder Rafe's village and homicide his mom and dad, Kosar understands the boy wishes his aid. And now, for a cause he can't fathom, others are searching for the boy's destruction. doubtful the place to start, Kosar turns to A'Meer, an ex-lover and Shantasi warrior whose humans, unbeknownst to him, were selected to shield magic's go back. A'Meer is familiar with immediately that it's Rafe who bears this miracle of magic. Now Kosar and a band of unforeseen allies embark on a conflict to guard one distinctive boy. For darkish forces are remaining in–including the Mages, who've been plotting their very own effective go back.

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But every time, every day, she was glad to be alive. Let them talk about ruin and degradation and death. She would not let it happen to her. He was still singing. The old man had been here for several hours now, hidden away behind those ancient shelves, humming words that Alishia could not quite grasp from the cool air. She tried, leaning forward on her chair with her head to one side, but her heartbeat smothered the echoes. It was as if being alive prevented her true understanding of the old man’s song.

A rock has seen the past and will see the future; a dead thing will rot to nothing, go back to the earth and perhaps care for the next circle of planting and harvesting. It’s what the dead thing was that matters, not what it is now. His parents were no longer there. They had gone to wherever the ideas of living things go when they die. Into memory, perhaps, or an afterlife, or simply into the Black to add themselves to history. So he sat on the open hillside and shivered and shook as he viewed the village lying dead in the valley.

When Alishia was not working, this was where Byran and Magella huddled away to screw and sleep and eat. Their thoughts rarely stretched any further. Her footsteps, naturally soft anyway, were completely muffled by the stocked shelves. She breathed in the must of their pages, the musk of decades of damp and heat and damp again. Mold painted great swaths across the spines, interrupted here and there where a book had been removed and replaced in a different place. History nestled around Alishia, slowly moldering away just as the land was fading back into history.

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