Dreisbach's Handbook of Poisoning: Prevention, Diagnosis and by Bev-Lorraine True

By Bev-Lorraine True

Now in its 13th version, Dreisbach's instruction manual of Poisoning is lengthy confirmed because the definitive guide of poisoning for all physicians, nurses, trouble and hotline staff, paramedics, and scholars. speedy reaction is necessary through the preliminary administration of poison situations. This ready-reference consultant presents antidotes, antivenins, and extra for an enormous variety of elements. It covers clinical toxicology - together with prevention and administration of exposures, poisonings, hostile results, abuse and withdrawal from prescribed drugs - and loved ones, environmental, and common risks.

The publication starts off by means of supplying basic information regarding the prevention, analysis, and remedy of poisoning. Then it considers the real medicolegal points of poisoning. the rest of the publication makes a speciality of particular poisons, geared up into agricultural, commercial, family, medicinal, and normal dangers. Chemically- and pharmacologically-related brokers were grouped jointly at any place attainable. For optimum care of serious or strange poisonings, the publication additionally comprises guidance for consultations with scientific toxicologists and neighborhood poison info facilities. A concise precis of the analysis and remedy of poisoning, Dreisbach's instruction manual of Poisoning offers a rare quantity of functional info in a compact structure.

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Evaluations of Drug Interactions. First Data Bank, 2000. (Updated bimonthly) 2 Emergency management of poisoning With a case of known or suspected poisoning, routine life-support measures – airway establishment, breathing, and cardiac support (ABC) – must be evaluated, and if action is needed it must be started promptly. The time from ingestion or exposure to initial treatment is of the utmost importance in the management of suspected poisoning or overdose. Loss of airway and protective reflexes is a prime contributor to poor outcome or death.

Vinyl chloride – Flame-retardant widely used in industry; parent compound of PVC, plastic resin used in containers, water hoses, electrical insulation, etc. 2 continued Respiration: Kussmaul Increased Wheezing Convulsions Vomiting Neck stiffness/ rigidity Distension and spasticity of the abdomen Muscular twitchings Salicylates, acetanilid, cinchophen Salicylates, dinitrophenol, carbon monoxide, cyanide Cholinesterase inhibitor pesticides Alcohol, insecticides, strychnine, isoniazid, theophylline Any poison Strychnine, cocaine, black widow spider bite, amphetamine, lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD), MAOI, phencyclidine (PCP), tricyclic antidepressants and amoxapine, maprotiline, bupropion, tetanus Corrosives Cholinesterase inhibitor pesticides Availability of poisons in the home (1) Search the patient and the patient’s home/immediate surroundings for poison containers.

Academic Press, 1996 Lu FC. Basic Toxicology. , eds. Botanical Safety Handbook. CRC Press, 1997 Miara J. Rohypnol, the ‘date rape’ drug. Psychopharmacology Update 1996;7:3 Mills KC. Serotonin toxicity: a comprehensive review for emergency medicine. , eds. Poisoning & Drug Overdose. Appleton & Lange, 1999 Rea WJ. Chemical Sensitivity, 4 vols. CRC Lewis, 1992–1996 Repetto MR, Repetto M. Habitual, toxic, and lethal concentrations of 103 drugs of abuse in humans. J Toxicol Clin Toxicol 1997;35:1 DIAGNOSIS AND EVALUATION OF POISONING 51 Repetto MR, Repetto M.

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