Doctor Syn on the High Seas by Russell Thorndyke

By Russell Thorndyke

The second one within the sequence of medical professional Syn novels through Russell Thorndyke. Syn at the excessive Seas starts the journey of Christopher Syn, a mild-mannered healthcare professional of Divinity, until eventually tragedy and destiny lead him to a lifestyles at the excessive seas because the bloodthirsty Captain Clegg.

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Well, all I can say, my friend, is that you are in something of a fix. ” “I'll swing for it if needs be. I am glad,” replied Sommers. “Tut, man, let's have no more corpses. ” As a reproof to his callous hatred for his uncle, Doctor Syn took cushions from chairs and propped the dying man into a more comfortable position. “Leave me alone,” said the Squire. ” Imogene poured it out and took it to him. He tried to drink, but could not. ” answered Imogene. “That fellow Sommers,” he went on with an effort.

I do not wish to kill him suddenly. His soul is in bad case, and I would give him time to repent upon his death-bed. ” Before Cobtree could pick up one of the heavy candelabras, the Squire, with his last ounce of strength, attacked again. Syn guarded himself with the same persistence he had used throughout, and then, as the wavering candlelight flickered towards them, he suddenly changed his tactics and attacked with the same lightning fury as the Squire had done. Now, whether what followed happened through a cunning design of the Squire's, who at least knew that he could depend upon the honour of the parson, or from the superior skill of Doctor Syn, but ere Tony could reach them with the lights the Squire's sword shot high over Doctor Syn's head and fell with a clatter on the floor behind him.

And you'll spit me as I do it,” snarled the Squire ungenerously. “Had that been my way, I could have done it easier three seconds ago,” replied the Doctor. To gain time and recover his gasping breath, the Squire slowly straightened himself, wiped the sweat from his brow, and then advanced towards his sword with weary steps. “Make haste sir,” cried Syn, “lest my patience snap. ” Since everyone's eyes were upon him, no one saw or heard the secret panel behind the Squire's back slide open. It was Syn who first saw the farmer standing there.

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