Diagnosis and Therapy of Porphyrias and Lead Intoxication: by U. A. Meyer (auth.), Prof. Dr. Manfred Doss (eds.)

By U. A. Meyer (auth.), Prof. Dr. Manfred Doss (eds.)

On the social gathering of the 450th anniversary of Philipp college, the porphyrin study workforce of. the dept of medical Biochemistry within the school of drugs geared up a global symposium. This was once held among June 28 and July 1, 1977, below the joint chairman­ send of Professor Samuel Schwartz and the editor. The organizers and chairmen of the symposium desire to thank the Sozialminister of Hessen, Armin Clauss, the President of the German Society for medical Chemis­ try out, Professor A. Delbrlick, and the Dean of the college of medication of Philipp college, Professor F. Neurath, for his or her aid and patronage. we're additionally thankful to Professor A. Treibs of the Institute of natural Chemistry, Technical collage of Munich. Professor Treibs, a former student, co-worker and now successor to the Nobel laureate Hans Fischer, kindly authorised the honorary presidency of this overseas symposium. the hole rite was once inaugurated by means of the chairmen, with welcoming speeches by means of the President of Philipps college, Mr. Rudolf Zingel and consumers of the collage. The editor defined the ten years of improvement of scientific biochemistry at Philipp college and traced intimately the continuous improvement of its leader study attempt in porphyria. It used to be mentioned that following the 1st overseas symposium at the rules of porphyrin and heme biosynthesis in 1973 at Marburg (Doss, M. (ed. ): legislation of Porphyrin and Heme Biosyn­ thesis.

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Biochim. Biophys. Acta 461, 283-296 (1977) 7. • Fed. Proc. 35, 2218-2222 (1976) 8. : Accumulation of heme in mitochondria from rabbit reticulocytes with inhibited globin synthesis. Biochim. Biophys. ~, 715-718 (1973) 9. : Control of iron deli very to the haemoglobin molecule in the erythroid cells. In: Symposium on Iron Metabolism, The CIBA Foundation, London (in pres~) 10. : Energy-dependent accumUlation of iron by isolated rat liver mitochondria. I. General features. Biochim. Biophys. Acta 305, 29-40 ( 1973) 11.

Int!. Porphyrin Meeting, Freiburg 1975. Basel: Karger 1976 2. , Nawrocki, P. ): Supplement to the Proceedings of the I. International Porphyrin Meeting on Porphyrins in Human Diseases, Freiburg 1975. Basel: Karger 1976 3. : Nouv. Presse Med. 5 (22), 1417-1422 (1976) 4. : "Tetrapyrrole Biosynthesis and its Regulation". A. Benjamin 1964 5. : S. Afr. J. Lab. Clin. Med. 9, 255-261 (1963) 6. : J~ Clin. Invest. ~, 203 (1971) 7. : J. Lab. Clin. Med. 78 (3), 411-434 (1971) 8. : Semin. Hematol. 5 (4), 335-369 (1968) 9.

Neur. and Photo Neur. and Photo Photosen. Photosen. Photosen. Neur. and Photo Neurol. Clinical symptoms & 49 (~----NEGATIVE FEEDBACK ['ALA3J ICPG-O><. ",,"" cPG--proto-Heme~Cytocnromes Heme enzymes S"SS' ",SSSSSSSS"SSSSS"SSSSS SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS CYTOPLASM IALA-D! 7-4' ALA--PBG--UPG-N-7COOH-CPG Fig. 1. Porphyrin biosynthetic pathway enzymatic defect at any stage of hemes metabolic pathway (Fig. 1). The approach is justified, because the abnormality affects all cells having heme enzymes. The enzyme deficiency in the porphyrias has been found in all tissues investigated so far.

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