Diagnosis and Fault-Tolerant Control by Prof. Dr. Mogens Blanke, Prof. Dr. Michel Kinnaert, Prof.

By Prof. Dr. Mogens Blanke, Prof. Dr. Michel Kinnaert, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jan Lunze, Prof. Dr. Marcel Staroswiecki (auth.)

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The time evolution of the system variables. Thus, three basic features are to be considered in modelling processes: variables, time and constraints. Variables. A first question which arises is to select those variables which are of interest to describe the system behaviour. Process components generally introduce power and energy variables, while control systems introduce control and information signals. Therefore, the system variables to be considered are all quantities which are constrained by system components (process, actuators, sensors, algorithms).

Control reconfiguration • Plant faults change the dynamical behaviour of the process. If these changes cannot be tolerated by any control law, a reconfiguration of the controller is necessary. The necessity of control reconfiguration is particularly obvious if sensor or actuator faults are considered. If these components fail completely, the fault leads to a break-down of the control loop. There is no possibility to adapt the controller by simply changing its parameters to the faulty situation.

This is a consequence of a balance between hydro dynamical forces on the hull. As turn rate builds up, a directionally unstable ship eventually becomes stable. A directionally unstable ship will enter into a steady turn and move in a circle if the rudder is left in neutral position. A directionally unstable ship will be used to illustrate diagnosis techniques for unstable physical systems. 0 VI 10 '170 [deg] [deg]/[deg/s] Rudder bias Slope of steering characteristic [deg]/[deg 2 /s 2 ] (Unstable ship) 2nd order parameter in steering characteristic Ship's forward speed (surge) [m/s] Heading control.

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