Diagenesis in Sediments and Sedimentary Rocks by Gunner Larsen and George V. Chilingar (Eds.)

By Gunner Larsen and George V. Chilingar (Eds.)

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23 It was pointed out that direct evidence for syntaxial enlargement of original grains is shown only by the syntaxial rims. Thus, in examining a coarse mosaic that resulted from grain growth, one should be cognizant of the fact that it replaced a finer mosaic and that large grains must have evolved from smaller ones. Internal mechanical deposition. Internal mechanical deposition involves deposition in secondary cavities that formed after the deposition of carbonate muds and silts, by bending of laminae, or by internal mechanical erosion or solution.

It is more accurate t o relate all processes and products t o a paragenetic sequence. In other words, a paragenetic scheme furnishes less ambiguous information t o cases where it seems impossible t o define exact syngenetic--diagenetic-epigenetic boundaries. The absolute time of formation may be impossible to determine, but the textural and structural relationships permit the interpretation of relative time of formation. The widely used terms “primary” and “secondary” have very little meaning in diagenetic investigations of carbonates unless precisely defined, although they may be quite useful in a very general colloquial sense.

Sedimentary Rocks. , 1st. , 526 pp. C. DAPPLES INTRODUCTION The coarseness of grain size and the diversity of mineral composition which characterize sandstones make them particularly important in identifying significant diagenetic alterations in the original sediment. Among such changes the principal obvious one involves the cement which has been deposited as a secondary product in the pore space. Some of this cement serves to lithify the sand without any modification in the aspect of the detrital grains.

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